Feel in on my fingertips

It's that time of the year when a raincoat is quite handy to have. Really glad I got this jacket, you guys. A new fave piece for sure.

Tommy Hilfiger rain coat, The Killers shirt, UNIQLO pants, Hunter boots

Are you a fan of rainy weather?


  1. That is such a cute raincoat! I don't have any raincoats, it rarely settles in raining long enough for me to consider it. Although i do sometimes when the wet season sets in and we have rain for a few days in a row wish I had some cute rainboots! It's a drought at the moment though so those days are so infrequent! Send some rain our way, haha!

    Hope you're having a great week :) So hot here, felt like summer today even though it's only spring!

    Away From Blue

  2. It is a great jacket - and it will definitely come in handy! The weather has been so up and down lately, with lots and lots of rain. At least you can look stylish all season long!

  3. Hello
    I love your look, luckily where I live it rains very little but I would not mind wearing a look like yours.

  4. A nice raincoat and hunter boots!

  5. That is fun rain coat. I need one like this, I have rain coat but it does not have a hood.

    Allie of


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