A little bit grungy

Just take me to Seattle and play some Nirvana!

(I should note that I was actually in my teens when grunge was big, and never really knew what the whole thing was about.)

H&M jacket, top from Urban Outfitters, leggings from Urban Behavior, Doc Martens booties

Have a great Friday, everyone, and may you all have a fab weekend:)


rooth said…
You're totally rocking the grunge look and the kids look as cute as ever. Figure out a costume for them yet?
Unknown said…
You look pretty amazing in this grunge look! You pull it off so well! Chic!

The Style Rawr said…
Grunge is one of my favourite looks this season, Dr Martens <3

The Style Rawr!
Always Maylee said…
You look great, love your jacket. But the kids totally steal the show, they are adorable! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Oh to Be a Muse said…
It actually looks like fall in Canada. Love the leather jacket and the Docs.

Good story for you: The hubs saw an old photo of Nirvana online and he said, "why is Brad Pitt in this photo?" because he thought Kurt Cobain was Brad Pitt. Then he said, "Wait! That guy from the Foo Fighters was in Nirvana?" and I had to leave the room.
Vision By Mila said…
have a great weekend you too!
Allison said…
Love your grunge look! And love love how your daughter is looking up all smiley like "what, this is a grunge shoot??!" hah! And ps. Just saw the comment about the soup- I only had soup because of my tonsils! lol I love food WAYYYYYY too much and would never give up eating food to wear a skirt- no way! I would rather have my tummy falling over my skirt! lol :)
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Anonymous said…
Love those shoes! So cute! And your kids are adorable :)
I was in my teens when grunge was big too, and I wore holes in my Doc Martens. That looks will always bring back fond memories.

Josie said…
I loveee this outfit, look fab as always Emmy! Also loving your daughter's wellies, wouldn't mind a pair for me haha. Hope you're doing well :) xxx
Ceciliette said…
i remember i was like 10 but completely felt in love with my borhters nirvana unplugged
his_girl_friday said…
What cute kids! I love the fall photos.
Natasha Gregson said…
You totally rock it :) I've always loved tops like this!!


Emmylou said…
Thank you all for the lovely comments:)

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