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Our weather matched the kind of day I was having. As they say, however, always have a smile on your face. It really does help:)

I normally would not wear jeggings with a short shirt, but this one is lose enough not to look too awkward proportion-wise.

And look what I found today:
Isn't it adorable? I was going to get it for the little one, but she's still too young (and would just have been me playing with it).
I hope all  you guys are having a better day and weather wherever you are. :)


Everyone should have a cardigan in her/his closet. A great basic. You can wear them any season. You can put them over a dress on a cool summer night. It's a cover-up for a crisp spring/fall weather. It's a great layering piece in the winter.

Here I am wearing my favourite cardi:

Here are the different ways to wear them (taken from the book Style Yourself):

What is your favourite way to wear your cardigan?

It'll never go away.

Military-inspired fashion will always be in style. Like the animal print, there's something rebellious yet still classic about it. Utilitarian yet still cool and chic.

(all images from Nylon Magazine February 2010- photographed by Disco Meisch)

I love this editorial. I think all the clothes are very wearable.


I love pairing stuff that are opposite each other, like this feminine top with a masculine pants.

 I love these shoes because they truly are very comfortable. Kinda reminds me of dancing shoes. You can jiggy in them the whole night. (That's right. I said "jiggy".)

Raindrops and roses...

Fall is definitely here...rain rain rain...

I have a confession...this rain coat is actually from the kids' collection. That's what happens when you stop growing at the age of 10. Just joking. I stopped growing at 11. Anyhoo, I've had this thing for so long that I think Club Monaco does not make children's clothes anymore.

It was Picture Day in school today. This was my boys' practice shot:

"Like...there goes another lemming!"

Sometimes, I really wish I can stop my addiction to reading magazines. Then, I would avoid adding stuff to my always-growing wish list.

Here's another one to add:
So pretty...sigh...

Well, that's new!

I'm not really an accessories girl, so much so that I even tend to forget to wear my wedding ring sometimes. Yes...kinda sad.  I will admit that I did use to wear them. Unfortunately, when you have your hoop earrings or your necklace pulled from you more than once by a baby, you learn your lesson.

Lately, however, I have been wearing this...

You like? My oldest son made it in school for his Pattern Day project. Lurv!

And here's my super sexy outfit today...

Little gems

We were in Walmart today to pick up some house necessities, and look what I found!

The quality is pretty much like what you would find in Forever 21. Not bad, eh?

Anyhoo, I didn't really wear anything special today, but I thought I'd post this pic just to brighten up your day.
Happy Tuesday, y'all!

...and the Emmy goes to...

Well, I had to do an Emmy Awards roundup, right? After all, they named the award after me (bwahaha!)

These were my favourites of the night (all images from

If I had to pick one stand out look, it would have to be Nina Dobrev in her Donna Karan dress. STUNNING!!! I have to admit...I may be a bit biased. She's Canadian, and she's in one of my fave shows... OMG! Did you guys see the season premiere of Vampire Diaries? Isn't it cray cray what Tyler's mom did to Caroline?!?!

Anyhoo, back to the topic...Who was wearing your fave dress of the night? Did you hate anyone's outfit?

Ahoy there, me hearties!

For the longest time, I had the biggest obsession over Vivienne Westwood's pirate boots even way after everyone's saying NO NO NO to them already.What's a girl to do if the original ones are too freaking expensive? Why, get the "inspired" version, of course!

Obsession #7

As much as I like little delicate bags, I'm the type of person who's really rough with her bags and tend to carry a lot. Thus, this next obsession has one criteria. If I am a character in a Michael Bay movie (or at the very least, a Steven Spielberg adventure film), would this survive?

Here are my lemmings (some new and some old) for what I call the "forever"bags...

What is your "forever" bag?

Express @ The Fairview Mall

Hubby, myself and the little one decided to go to Fairview Mall today while the boys were in school. What was happening there, you might ask? Why...the opening day of Express, of course. To be honest, I thought they had already opened. It was just perfect timing, I guess.

This is their first store in Canada, and I'm really glad they picked Fairview coz it's very accessible where I live:P I've shopped in Express before, specifically the one in Buffalo (New York) and I really like their stuff. They always have a great collection season after season, and the prices are mostly reasonable.

Here are some pics I took with the phone.

The layout is pretty good and the store size is quite substantial. The fall collection is TDF. I didn't take a pic of this killer red suit that they have, but trust me when I say it is very very nice. I would have gotten it, but it really would have just sat in my closet, and it was out of my budget.

Hubby ended up getting me one item. The price w…