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Let's Go The Ex 2015

I thought it's only appropriate that the last day of August is the day I'm posting about our annual CNE excursion, which for us Torontonians is the sign that summer is truly over.

Here are some pics taken that day (Aug 29th):) We always have a fab time going!

Best part of the CNE: the food!

Massive amount of people!

There was a Sherlock exhibit, you guys! Here I am with my imaginary boyfriends.

Do you like going to fairs?

Inspiration: 80's Madonna

Let us all bask in the glory of the Madge before she became a workout fiend.

Are you a Madonna fan?

Because leggings are forever...

The 80's never really left, right?

Coz you're hot, then you're cold!

I love the hot weather but not everyone around me does. My husband likes to run the air conditioner in our house a bit colder than I like. The malls run their ACs on full blast...sigh....what's a girl to do? Well, I knitted this shawlette, which doubles as a bolero of sort...perfect for when I just want to feel a bit warmer:)
(If you knit, pattern is available here.)

In a normal summer weather:

When the AC is on full-blast:

And can I just tell you how much I love these pants? (They were 80% off! Whut?!)

Are you a hot or cold kind of person?

A week's photo diary (plus a video!)

Last week had been a bit crazy when it comes to summer activities. We decided to stay for a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge,  and also got to walk around Niagara Falls. And of course, it all started with another visit to the zoo:D

Our zoo has the awesomest staff and volunteers, yo!

Then, off to Niagara!

 It was raining on and off the day we were there.:D

 Walking around Clifton Hill, which is the most touristy place ever:)