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You win some. You lose some.

I would like to say that all the things I make are a "success" but that would be a BIG FAT LIE. Case in point is the latest dress I made.

This is from a Vogue pattern that is supposed to look like this.

Right away, I knew this dress was not really my style because of that deep V neck, but I saw so many ladies who made this dress and they all looked great! I thought I can adjust the neckline easily enough to make it wearable. Alas, I think the neckline is still too deep.
I find it also makes me appear shorter than I am, and look... the plaid pattern is totally not aligned at the back. Eeeeek!
In progress:
To be honest, I'll still wear this because I think it would look ok under a jacket of some sort and I do like the plaid itself. I wouldn't consider this a fave for sure though.

Hey baby! I think I wanna marry you.

My husband's relative just got married the past weekend. I think I've mentioned before that I really love weddings. It's such a momentous occasion and to be invited to be a part of it is always an honour:)

I wore the dress I sewed, featured on this post...

 The handsome couple:)

Not gonna lie...I think Chinese weddings are my fave because of the food:D
I don't know what was going on in this shot, but I find it funny so....

Where to eat: Japanese Express

I don't usually feature places to eat in this blog coz frankly, we're not the kind of people who eat in new places all the time. We have our favourites, so I figured...hey, why not feature one?

I would like to point out again that I don't have any sponsors and nor do I accept any ads on this blog currently.

If you're in the Toronto area, you've probably heard of Pacific Mall. It's the largest Asian mall in the area, and frankly, probably in the whole Eastern Canada.

On the second floor is the food court which has a variety of food stalls (not like the ones you see in regular malls).

 The Japanese Express is by far the place where we get our food the most. Great food, great service and also reasonably priced. Even though the name implies just Japanese cuisine, the chef/owner is actually Korean so there are also Korean dishes. Yum yum!

What my hubby gets:
What I get: If you're in the area, I highly recommend going here!
(Tell them the girl with the colourful …

Is it possible?

My dream is to have a wardrobe solely made of items I made. I don't think it's honestly possible because I do love wearing shirts, sweatshirts and jeans, but I figured for dresses and such, it should be doable, no?

I also made the dress my daughter is wearing. I can't remember if I featured this before, but I made it using the Jalie Bella dress pattern. Highly recommend this pattern company if you sew.

These shots were taken on my middle child's 12th birthday:) Gosh...12, you guys! 12!!!

My younger sis made his cake:)

Inspiration: Natsumi Kon (昆夏美)

I've been binge-watching Natsumi Kon's YouTube videos lately. She is a Japanese pop singer and musical actress...really such a gifted artist, you guys!

 If you're a musical theatre fan, I guarantee you'll enjoy the vids below:) Such a clear voice, and probably the best Eponine I've ever heard.

One and only

I honestly never owned any high-waisted pants before, but I'm a new convert after getting these new Uniqlo pants!

Fact: I was really hesitant at first to get these coz I have a short torso, and also... these were really super long on me. My husband was like," What the heck? But you sew!" Oh my gosh...really am such a dingbat sometimes...just sometimes, ok?

(I'm about 5'0" tall. Took off about 4 inches, and sewed the hem about 1 and half inches. )

Language Barrier

Love this new men's sweatshirt from H&M. Is it just me or the men's  have a better hoodie/sweatshirt collection? Hmmmmm......

If you're curious, the print on the sweatshirt is the Kanji for Tokyo:)

In case you're interested, I just did a video showing my language book collection (mostly Korean and Japanese resources). Please watch if you have some time:)

CIBC Run For The Cure 2017

My younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I'm not gonna go into how terrible that was, because...well, we all know it is.

She went through a lot. It's not over yet, but I'm happy to say that she's doing well:) She organized a group of her friends and family to do the CIBC Run For The Cure as a way to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society on October 1st. I thought I'd just share a few pictures from what turned out to be a great day despite the sadness of the cause.

It was perfect weather, y'all!

The team!

The cake my sis baked....yumyum!

 The little one performed at the lunch my sis had after the marathon. No shame....I tellz yah!