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Wear all the things

When I was young, I used to hate dressing in layers. Like...if I can get away with just wearing a shirt and jeans even in winter, I would totally do it.

My oh my...your thinking definitely changes when you're older. Now, I wear so many layers somedays that I feel like Joey from that Friends episode where he was wearing all of Chandler's clothes. Also am now the one nagging the kids to always dress properly. Adulthood sucks sometimes:P

Inspiration:D image from Today
Has your dressing changed drastically over the years?

Inspiration: Shinya Arimoto

I first discovered photographer Shinya Arimoto's works in Tokyo Camera Style and was really taken by his photos. I wanted to order his Ariphoto series but they're always sold out, so when I saw his Vol 9 and 10 were available, I jumped on the chance and finally was able to get my hands on them.

Who has been inspiring you lately?

The Carbeth Cardi

Awhile back, I knitted the Carbeth sweater. It's one of my fave knitted items, so I decided to make the cardigan version, and I love it just as much!:)

 Worn with a different outfit

In progress:

Speaking of knitting, I also finished making this hat for my daughter:)

Halloween 2018

I hope you all had a spooky and fun Halloween:) If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know how we really love Halloween in our more than anyone:D

Here are the pics from this year's celebration:
 Inspiration for their costumes:

I mentioned before that I sewed my daughter's costume. For my middle son's costume, we bought the hat from Amazon Japan, then bought a coat at a thrift store. I tailored it to his size, then added some gold buttons and the chain.

I went as a character from the movie Priest:D

Sorting the loot

My eldest decided to go out last minute when he saw all the teenagers trick or treating in our area.
Did you guys dress up?