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Pop of colour

There seems to be no end in sight to this bitter cold winter we're having, so what better way to brighten up the day than wearing this striped top:)

Guys, can you believe it's the last day of February?!?! Aaaaaaaaah!

Ripley's Aquarium (Picture Heavy)

My kids had the chance to go to the Ripley's Aquarium in the downtown area for a school field trip. What an awesome place to take the kids to.  There is so much to see, and it's wonderful for the children and adults alike to learn about the aquatic environment.

I had the chance to go with my daughter's class when they went, and the kids had a blast. Just one word of caution: it gets really really busy in there, so if you're planning to go (especially for March Break), try to come early.

If you're in the Toronto area,  I recommend this place, y'all:)

#Sochi2014 #WeAreWinter

I've been wearing this hoodie for the last few days, in honour of the Canadian gold medals in hockey (both men's and women's), and all the other medals won by the stellar athletes that participated this year.

 What can I say? The Winter Olympics is big for us Canadians coz, frankly, we don't do so well in the Summer one:P I guess all that snow we get is good after all.

Congrats to all who were part of the Olympics. Such great athleticism all throughout from everyone and from all the countries.

Some Saturday Inspiration

Because it's still cold over here....

Have a great weekend, y'all:)


Just wanna share a new addition to my wardrobe: a sweater I knitted, guys!

I started this on Jan 31st, and finished on Tuesday (Feb 18th). The pattern is from an Ann Budd book, which I love and highly recommend.

Here are the pieces before I sewed them together...

Blocking them before sewing:
 Being sewn together after knitting the neckband:

Finished product...yay!

It's by no means perfect, but am so happy how this turned out:) Will probably make them now in different colours, and for the whole family.

Have you guys created garments for yourself or loved ones?

Couldn't wait

I'm gonna be honest....I don't think the shoes went well with the getup, but I just really wanted to wear the boots. Thank God I have no shame.

Have you ever worn something that didn't go with anything, but wore it anyway just for the heck of it? Can I hear a yay?

Photobomb #4

I can't even....

Hope you're all having a great weekend:) Happy Family Day to those in Canada who have tomorrow off, and Happy President's Day to my American readers.

New in....buckled

Because one cannot have enough leather buckled boots, especially when they're on sale....

To those who celebrate, Happy Valentine's Day. My boots and I wish you well:)


I've always been a fan of baggy comfy.....:) Some say these clothes are ill-fitting. I say thee nay!


Wool warmth

This cardigan is just perfect for the Canadian winter:D

Wishing you all a great start to the week:) Did you have a good weekend?

Currently loving #15 (knitting edition)

Just wanna share my current faves that are knitting-related (because who doesn't like knitting, right?:D)

1) OKeeffe's Working Hands
Guys, I think I found my holy grail hand cream. This is just UH-MAY-ZING! It's very moisturizing, but non-greasy. My hands get really dry, not just with knitting but also doing daily stuff like washing dishes, and this has cured my hands from cracking.I also like the fact that I can knit right after putting it on.  Seriously...just try it.
(I got mine from Lee Valley)

2) Clover Knitting Counter
Much easier to use than the circular counter ones, and you can also lock it, which is a must when you have kids in the house who like fiddling with your stuff:P

3) Toe Protectors
I know they're for toes, but I use them on my pointer finger, which gets sore when I knit continuously for a long time. They stretch to any finger size (and you can cut them, too), are washable and stay on without snagging the yarn:) The one I got is just the Life brand fr…

Wicked winter

One of the good things about this cold and snowy winter we're having is getting to wear all my boots:)

 Guys, I've had these boots forever but it's only recently that I've started wearing them a lot. They were sized smaller when I bought them, but because they're leather, I knew they would stretch (and they were on sale so I had to get them:D). The boots just reached that point that they are now comfy to wear. Yay! I know they're not winter boots, but who cares?

If you're not out there driving or shovelling, all this snow is actually really pretty:)

Happy Thursday, guys :D