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Mixed patterns

Stripes and camo....they match, right? :D

Obsession #34

Everything from Isabel Marant's Spring 2015 collection...sigh...I am so ready for spring, you guys!

all images from

Anything you're coveting lately?

Daily grind

Another typical outfit...still cold, of course, so...yeah....

Anyhoo, hope you're having a lovely day wherever you are:)

Kung Hei Fat Choi 2015

Wishing everyone an awesome Chinese New Year!

Last night was the first of all the dinners we're gonna be doing the next few days! (My eldest son's birthday is on Friday:))

Here's a sample of what we had last night for the New Year's Eve dinner...hope you like some food porn:D

Kung Hei Fat Choi, guys!

Baby, it's cold outside.

Guys, I tried to take some pics outside yesterday, but our camera literally froze and refused to was a nice -38 windchill, y'all!

What I feel about this winter...
In case you were wondering about my awesome outfit....
We decided just to take some more indoor pics..heehee...

Awrighty then....

I'm a bit tired of the cold weather so I've decided to just not dress appropriately and simply wear my usual summer/spring/fall clothes under coats:D

Ned Stark was right!

"Winter is coming"...well, it's here and kicking our butt. We are in the north of Westeros, ladies and gents.
(Sorry for all the Game of Thrones reference. It just seems appropriate:D)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Inspiration: Dan Eldon (1970-1993)

"As an artist, as a chronicler of a moment in time and as a human being, he seems to me to have been brave, curios, adventurous, passionate, creative, pioneering, persuasive, powerful and altogether ahead of his time."
- Seth Apter, The Mixed Media Artist

all images from Dan Eldon's work remind me a lot of Peter Beard's diaries.


I love this athletic comfy, and you can wear it in different ways.

PS Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Holy frack! That's the first time I sat through most of the game! Fist fight?!? Really? Congrats to the Patriots anyhoo:D