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Let it snow!

Whoa! All the snow came after Christmas!

Happy Monday, everyone:) Last day of the year...let's make it count...maybe....

Currently loving #8

Some new stuff I've been enjoying recently....:)

Please do share what you guys have been loving lately:) And have a super awesome weekend!

Christmas/Boxing Day 2012

Just wanna share some pics taken the past few days:)

I love this dress I got from ASOS (which you might remember from this post). I wore this for the Christmas Eve mass and dinner.

Hope you are all having an awesome holiday season so far:) If you did any Boxing Day shopping, what did you get?

All I Want For Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas, everyone:) 

For today's post, I thought I'd put up my wish list for this year. As I mentioned in my last year's post, these are things I want for Christmas but don't really need:) Hey, that's what wish lists are for, right? Anyhoo, only two items, so I'm not too bad this year...I think....

Did you guys get what you asked/wished for?

Moon River

One reason I love winter is snow, and when it snows, the moon boots come out, baby!

Do you have a snow/cold season outfit you can't wait to bust out every year?

New in...faux fur

This was on sale, y'all, so I had to get it!

How I wore it:
With this jacket and my neon bag, you'd be sure to spot me anywhere...ahem....

Have a great Friday, guys and gals!

Rounded hem

I love this Zara sweater! So cozy and warm and chunky:)

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Some Monday inspiration

Just love these two images, so I thought I'd share them with you guys...

...And this pic, which just makes me smile....

I hope it makes you smile a little bit too:)

A moment of silence

I dedicate this post to the families of those who died in the Newtown (Connecticut, USA) massacre. Our thoughts and prayers to those affected by this senseless shooting....

Shine bright like a diamond

Finally started using this Cambridge satchel (see post here), and I love how my family can now always find me, even in the dark! (PS I really do love the bag:))

Happy Thursday, my blog friends, and be well!

Winter flowers

Are you sick of seeing these pants on this blog? Sorry, guys, but I really do love them, even for winter:)

Do you wear florals in winter?

New in...knitted and stuff

Yes...I broke my Zara ban...sigh....

From Zara:

You might remember this scarf from this blog post...

 And I got this Cambridge Satchel Company bag at Holt Renrew Last Call...squeeee!
Any new scores for you guys lately?


There's a brooding guy on me, and it's not my husband...don't tell anyone!

Have a great weekend, peeps!