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I watch movies a lot...not the new ones out in theatre because I do have kids to cater to and can't really drag them to the theatre all the time (unfortunately). Apparently, it's the law you have to take them to school, you guys, but I digress. Anyhoo, thanks to the likes of Apple TV, Netflix, Shomi and android boxes, I can now watch old and fairly newish movies ALL THE TIME when I can. Woot! And man! I've discovered a lot of gems!

On that note, here are just a few of the ones I enjoyed a lot, but either they didn't do too well on the box office, or the critics just hated them.

1) Jem and the Holograms
I guess it's because I've never seen the original TV series, so I really had nothing to compare this to. As a teeny-bopper movie, I think it stands on its own. I loved the songs, the cast, the hair, makeup and costumes...I just plain loved this movie! It was entertaining, and as a mom with young kids, I can watch this without having to worry about swear words:D



There's just some things I know I have to use, like the leftover fabric I had from sewing these dresses over the Christmas holidays. I really love the fabric but I knew what I had wasn't big enough for another garment. I decided to make an infinity scarf out of it instead. This way, I get to see it everyday, because if you're in Canada, you get to enjoy scarves pretty much year round:D

Don't you just love plaid?


This is another version of the dress-with-booties look that I've been digging lately.

(' still winter and cold over here, but man, I just want to see some colours in my own blog!:P)

A broken promise

It's only the middle of January, and I already broke my resolution...waaaaaah! I promised myself I will not buy anything I can make, but guys, you put a Spirited Away character in anything, and I'll give you my money.

So, this is it! more buying clothes for me...unless I see another No Face item:P

Did you make any resolutions, and how is it going?


Really digging this colour lately.

Are you a fan of this shade of yellow?

Anyhoo, Happy Friday, y'all, and have an awesome weekend:)

Altered states

I'm one of those people who buy fan shirts, may it be for my favourite TV shows, movies, or musicians. I also like souvenir shirts. I tend to buy the unisex ones and not the ones made for women, which I find are too tight to my liking (even the large ones). These unisex ones are HUGE, which I like, but unfortunately, they are too long which make them all look like my house shirts. What to do?

Solution: I turned them all into cropped tops!

So simple, you guys. I just used my fave cropped top as a length guide, then basically altered the shirt hems. I think it makes all these shirts more wearable, right? (I just hope my love for cropped shirts does not go away soon.)

A few shirts done...a dozen more to go....

Do you wear T-shirts a lot?

New York Public Library Digital Collections

As some of you may already know, the New York Public Library recently made available hundreds of thousands of public domain images, downloadable in high-res format to use however you want. How fantastic, right?

If you haven't visited the site yet, here is the link. The possibilities...aaaaaaaah....

Here is the direct link to the fashion collections, and the link to the New York Times article that talks about this NYPL release.

Have you visited the site yet?

Anyhoo, have a great weekend, everyone:)

You're my fave, but don't tell anyone.

This has got to be one of my fave outfits to date. Not only did I make most of the pieces, the whole thing is just super comfy and I find I'm really digging this style of dressing lately. Plus, I may be obsessed with these boots.

Have you always had the same style, or are you more of a fashion chameleon?

Start off with a bang

Happy New Year, you guys. Didn't it seem like the holidays just went by in a blink of an eye? Back to the grind tomorrow, as they say...sigh....

Anyhoo, what's a better way to welcome the year than an outfit post that's not very successful, right?

I sewed this skirt using the book Sew Everything Workshop. I even watched the Craftsy class that goes with this book. One would think that should be enough, but no. Because I'm a lazy girl and didn't  bother doing any fitting, this skirt ended up having a weird fit on me like most RTW pencil skirts. Although the waist is fine, it's big everywhere else, and the length is definitely off. The thing with skirts with just can't just shorten the hem. You actually have do the adjustment above the vent, which meant cutting the fabric the proper length before sewing it. Sigh....

Oh well...lesson learned. As you can see, I still wore it.

I might alter this later on, or try to do my own skirt block to create futu…