What have I been watching #10

Great time for a TV-aholic like moi...bwahaha!

1) Game of Thrones
Season 8
Well....I think the whole world is pretty excited that this season has finally started. I think we all kinda knew about Jon Snow and his real parentage, but that was still a great scene with Sam, right?
2) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2  I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW, YOU GUYS! I loved Season 1, so it's no surprise I loved Season 2 as well, perhaps even slightly more. I hope this show goes on FOREVER!
PS Why do they always make the devil super sexy in these shows?!?! PPS Gavin Leatherwood as Nick Scratch...perfection. 
 3) American Gods
Season 2
I haven't seen all the episodes yet (currently am in the middle of watching it), but it's been pretty kick a$$ so far. Another highly recommended show.
4) My Love From The Star (Filipino version) The original Korean show (with Jun Ji-Hyun)  is one of my top-5 all time fave so I decided to watch this version when it was on the multicultural channel (O…

As if!

Every time I wear this dress, I'm always reminded of the movie Clueless (which is one of the best movies ever! Am I right, or am I right?)

This is one of my fave dresses. I'm glad I can wear this even on cool days.

Obsession #48

I've been really digging the bohemian style lately. I am so ready for summer, you guys!

What have you been obsessing over lately?

Is it really spring?

This Lucky Brand jacket is a great piece to wear right now when our weather is not sure whether it's winter or spring. Not too warm, not too cold. Now, if only our weather would start really warming up....

 Out and about
Do you have a fave transitional weather outfit?

The best things in life are free.

I finally had a chance to redeem some of my Air Miles points for this bag...woooooo! I've been looking for a cross-body that can just fit my basic necessities and this just fit the bill. Thank you, Air Miles.

(I know it's technically not free coz you need to spend money to earn air miles points but whatevs, k?)

I jinxed myself!

Guys, if you've seen the vlog I did, you might remember how I said that I was happy there was no more snow.

I was so wrong!!!!

How's it going where you guys are? Snow, too?


I don't usually wear white, but my younger sis gave me this top and this is the first time I got the chance to wear it. I quite like it!

This was what I was wearing in the vlog I just posted previously:)