Thursday, April 28, 2016

The times... they are a-changin'.

"Purple rain, purple rain
I only want to see you
Only want to see you
In the purple rain."
- Prince
H&M shirt, jeans from Urban Outfitters, Vans slip ons

Monday, April 25, 2016

New in...some K-beauty stuff

You guys, my love for the Korean show Descendants of the Sun has led me down the rabbit hole of Korean skin care after drooling over the flawless skin of all the actors and actresses on that show. I know, I know...I'm 10 years behind this trend, but better late than never, right?

So, I've always double-cleansed, but have tried using sheet masks just recently and I love it! I'm lucky enough to live not too far from Pacific Mall, which makes it easy to get Asian goodies.

 Then, I got The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho, and I became obsessed with the whole Korean routine! This book is well-written, and I learned more about the famous "10 steps". I also love how it's part travelogue, where the author discusses some aspects of the Korean culture in a very light-hearted way. I highly recommend this book (I even have this downloaded on my phone so I can read it anytime.)

such cute illustrations

And so, this is what happened...a stop at The Face Shop. Its stores are literally everywhere in my area, and I can't believe I've never gone in one before. Got such great service over there. I came in just to buy sheet masks, and ended up getting these...

The Therapy set

More sheet masks. The 3-step mask on the right is a freebie.
...and so, thought I'd share this video that YouTube beauty vlogger Meejmuse (Jen) did of makeup shopping in Korea. I want to go there now!

What can I say? I'm hooked!
What have you bought lately? Do you do the Korean skin care routine?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Second edition

This is the second time I've sewn from this pattern (first one here). I wanted to make a plain version that's good for day-to-day wear, so I picked a cotton/lyrcra fabric. I really do love how easy this dress is to make and wear, you know?
dress from McCalls 6886 pattern worn with Vans slip ons

Here are the other stuff I've knitted/sewed lately:
1) Crofthoose Hat (pattern here)

2) Love Birds Jumper (pattern here)

3) Jalie ballet leotard (sewing pattern here)
This is third one I've made for her. See the other two below:D

Anyhoo, is there something you've made or bought over and over because you really just love it?

Monday, April 18, 2016

I'll bring you down to Chinatown.

We've finally been having spring-like weather over here...woohoo! To take advantage of this, my husband and I decided to go downtown during the weekend just to walk around while the in-laws took the kids. Good times:D

Here are some pics we took. You won't see any snow, you snow!

In Chinatown (Spadina area)

Lunch time
 Congee for me coz I've been feeling a bit ill lately, and this was all my tummy could take for days.
Checking out the fruits at a market

Fabric shopping at King Textiles

Walking around Queen St West

City Hall
On the subway. This was the best pic we had together...yup....

How was your weekend, guys?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Currently Loving #28

Not too many today, but man....this set is pretty special because I'll be loving these for awhile...hehe....

1) Song Joong Ki
I blame Rowena for this obsession. She first posted about him here. Rowena then blogged about  the Korean show he's in called Descendants of the Sun and why she loves the show, so I clicked on the viki link she posted to watch the first episode, and I'm hooked! (The episodes are sub-titled.) SJK's Captain Yoo character is very swoon-worthy, and he's not too bad in the eyes either...ahem... And Rowena, you were right! Once you hear him talk, that's pretty much it.  (Can I just say how much I squeed at Episode 9?!? I got all the feels for that episode:D I've seen up to episode 10 as of writing this.)

(PS If you've read The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, he is pretty much who I have in mind for Prince Kai... sigh....)
image from
image from
2) NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint
I've always loved NARS colour products but have never tried the foundations, so when I was at Sephora, I thought I'd give this one a go. I've always loved anything matte for the skin, and am so glad I tried this one out. I love the texture and coverage.

I apply the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Ting with the Beauty Blender.

3) Raskog Utility Cart from Ikea
I've seen this in so many crafting blogs and have wanted one for a long time for my sewing space. My husband finally got it for me, and this is such a great addition to the room for sure. It makes everything within reach, and just the right height for when I'm sitting in front of my sewing machine. 

What have you been loving lately? Have you guys seen Descendants of the Sun?

Monday, April 11, 2016

It's all black and white.

This is a colour palette that you can't really go wrong with:)
Kenzie top gifted by my mom, old H&M pants and Vans slip ons

Happy Monday, everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Craft all the things

Because we're still seeing some snow around here, the knits are still out!
Pullover I knitted awhile back, no-name leggings, Timberland boots

And speaking of knitting, I recently passed Level 2 of the Master Hand Knitter program. Such a difficult level, but so worth it in the end. I was happy when I got the news from my co-chair! Will be enrolling in Level 3 (final level) as soon as I finish some other projects. Wish me luck, you guys:)

 On other crafting news, I'm trying to teach myself how to crochet. I learned when I was a kid, but have completely forgotten how to do it. Why do I want to learn again? Because it's all about the granny squares. I mean,  look at this awesome tunic from Zara!

And here are other stuff I saw in Zara that are inspiring me, sewing-wise:D I wanna make outfits like these! (I should point out that most of the time, how I actually look in these outfits are never quite what I had in mind...just saying....)

What have been inspiring you lately? Any new finds?
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