To the max

So...I've decided that maxi skirts with ballet flats is my new uniform. You can basically wear this anywhere and look ok...from the grocery to church to a dinner out.
Got this Muji skirt on sale and I've been wearing it a lot!
Out and about

Do you have an outfit formula you've been relying on lately?

Purple rain

Gosh darn this weather! We get the 4 seasons in one day here in Toronto. That's spring for you.

These pics were taken when it was raining so excuse the water spots in these shots. I was going to edit them out, but this blog has never really been about the perfect outfit pics so here yah go! :D


I don't want to jinx it, but guys...I think summer may finally be here in Toronto! Wut?!?! YESSSS!

I bought these shoes and skirt awhile back but now am just getting the chance to wear them. The simple joys of life.....

These J Crew ballet flats are seriously so amazing. Love the nude colour, didn't have to break them in, and just soooooo comfortable. I should've stocked up when I found them.

Head to toe

Since UNIQLO opened in Canada awhile back, I find I've been shopping there now almost exclusively (well...maybe along with Topshop) when I do go clothes shopping (which I'm glad have kinda tapered off lately).

Do you have one shop you always go to for clothes?

Two peas in a pod

As you may have seen on my last post, I made a Toronto Raptors dress for my daughter. As it is NBA Finals, I decided to make a matching top using the leftover fabric I had...hehe

Out and about:D

And now for something completely different....
I decided to sell something for the very first time, you edition tote bags showing my art work. It's so super limited that there's only one for sale of the bag I'm using below (named Hannah), and two of the other print (named Emma).

Here is the link to my Etsy store: EmmyMWShop
Come check it out:D

Currently loving #47

These are the stuff I'm currently obsessing over:)

1) Raptors Fever!
Even for us peeps not hardcore into basketball, the Toronto Raptors making it to the NBA Finals is being celebrated!

I decided to make this dress last minute for my kids' school's Raptors Day:D

2) Aladdin
Out of all the live-action movie adaptation Disney has done, this is by far my most fave. Will Smith was soooooo amazing in this film, and so was Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott as Aladdin and Jasmine. Just the perfect cast. 
Naomi singing Speechless made my tear up...she has such a great voice, you guys!

3) The Judgement of Paris by Ross King
This is seriously one of the best non-fiction books I've read in awhile. Even if you're not really interested in art history, this book is still a great read. 
It details the rise of Impressionism in France, in particular the two diverse artists of the time, Messonier and Manet. So well-written, you guys.

4) Carmex lip balm This is my all-time fave lip balm. G…

@ Canada's Wonderland 2019 (Picture Heavy)

It's that time of the year again, you guys!

Over the weekend, my husband's company had their work union day at the Canada's Wonderland amusement park.:)

It was raining so hard the day we went that we only were able to do a few rides and ended up leaving early, but it was still great fun.

Pics below:)

Meal included with our ticket...yay:D