Inspiration: Tokyo Fashion Week Spring 2020

Out of all the Fashion Weeks worldwide, the Tokyo one is probably the one that I will rank as #1 in terms of street style. I just love the otherworldly and unique style when it comes to what the people over there wear during Fashion Week,

Below are my faves that are featured in (photographed by Kira/

Which Fashion Week street style is your fave?

Currently Loving #49

These are the current stuff I've been digging lately...really random this round:D

1)Thanksgiving food

 I've always felt sad when summer ends but I must admit that when Thanksgiving rolls around, I do get over it because, well...Thanksgiving food. My mum had her annual Thanksgiving lunch this weekend:D

2) David Roberts The Perfect Mix (from COSTCO)
Dear Lord,
Please give me the strength to stop eating this.

3)Krusteaz Brownie Mix (from COSTCO)
 I've always made brownies from scratch until I discovered this. It's so easy and fast to make brownies now!

4) Copic markers
 I've only tried cheap alcohol markers from Michaels and the dollar store and never could really get the hang out. I decided to give Copics a go because of all the great things I've heard about them, and dayum.....these things are so gooooood!

5) Tidying Up With Marie Kondo
I did a blog post on Marie Kondo and my love for her method back in 2016, but it's only just now I started watching h…

Blending in

Sooooo....these camouflage joggers are the best because not only are they comfy, you can barely see me amidst all the foliage in our backyard....bwahaha!

I honestly think camo print is a neutral. Don't you agree? :D

BTW, if you're into anything art-related, here's my latest YouTube vid where I talk about my art book collection. (I'm addicted to books, you guys.)

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Feel in on my fingertips

It's that time of the year when a raincoat is quite handy to have. Really glad I got this jacket, you guys. A new fave piece for sure.

Are you a fan of rainy weather?

Worn out

The great thing about autumn is that all the knitwear comes out (and also time for a new hair colour) :D
 This cardigan (first seen here) is probably my most worn piece I've knitted. I wear it at home, when out and about...I wear it so much that it's starting to pill and felt in some places. I will probably make another one.:)

What is your most well-worn piece for fall/winter?


“He loved October. Had always loved it. There was something sad and beautiful about it - the ending and beginning of things.” 
― Jacqueline Woodson, If You Come Softly

Out and about

What have I been watching #13

Some old and new stuff I've just seen that I liked:D

1) Between Two Ferns: The Movie
If you're a fan of Zach's internet show on, then you will love this film (on Netflix). The premise is kinda stupid but the interviews with the celebs (which is the heart of the show and the movie) are just fun to watch. Fave one was the Keanu Reeves bit:D Also love Paul Rudd's, and the bloopers at the end were pretty kewl.

2) Criminal UK
 This is a new Netflix show, and has different versions (four episodes from UK, France, Germany, Spain), but this is the only one I've seen so far and I liked it. It's a police procedural show, and has a brilliant cast and dialogue.

(PS David Tennant was in the first episode, and was brilliant was always, but man...Hayley Atwell was just amazing and really stole that episode she was on.)

3) Suspiria
This was a re-make of the 1977 horror movie (which I haven't seen yet), and even though I think Dakota Johnson is just a so-so a…