Downtown...everything's waiting for you.

We decided to play tourist in our own city and just go around the downtown core, starting at Eaton Centre, then to Chinatown, then back to Yonge-Dundas Square (where we were lucky enough to catch the 5th Edition Thailand Destination event).

Just wanna share some of the pics I took:)

Because I've been blogging for so long and have been taking pics of the family for a long time, it's easy to take candids of everyone coz they're so used to it. Now that I'm learning more about photography, I find this attitude helps me a lot.  It doesn't mean they like it though... more like tolerate:D

The summer sweater

I knitted this garment because, can wear knitted clothes in the summer. You just have to pick a lighter yarn, a not-so-tight fit, and voila!

Out and about

When it's finally ok

I made this shortall in winter last year. Since we're now in the middle of summer and with the weather being hot, it's finally appropriate to wear it...yay for small victories:D

I really do love this outfit for summer, but man, going to the washroom/bathroom is such a pain!

Summer tomfoolery (Picture-heavy)

Just wanna share some shenanigans we've been up to, including our trip back to the Royal Ontario Museum this weekend. Always a hit with the kids:) (previous ROM posts here and here)