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Currently Loving #35

A smorgasbord of items I've been loving lately, guys...fasten your seatbelt!
Just wanna say again that I have no sponsors. 

1) Flow Magazine
Just a beautiful magazine. Not only does it have great articles and a nice layout, but I also love the photography and illustrations. Plus, there are inserts that you can actually use, like an awesome colouring book. Not the cheapest, but worth every penny.

2) British sewing magazines
I wish all sewing magazines would come with patterns like how they do in the UK. This one by Sew even has templates you can download online, with the instructions inside the mag.

3) Sleeve board from Wawak
Love this sleeve board for ironing sleeves (of course) and other small cylindrical items. Wawak is also a great site to order from. Super quick shipment!

4) Green tea yogurt from Yogen Fruz I always get this whenever I'm in a mall. You can get it in a no-sugar/non-fat base, y'all!
5) The Hana Tajima Collection from Uniqlo
Love this collection, and I wis…

The plaid dress

I've always wanted to own a Vivienne Westwood dress but it's really not quite practical for me to spend so much on a designer garment, so I decided to sew an inspired version instead.

 Not gonna lie....this was not a fun sew for me. It was the wrong fabric choice, and I also didn't have the proper width which meant some finagling on my end....sigh...

I do really like the finished dress and I feel great wearing it, so I'd probably be wearing this a lot especially during the fall/winter season.


 In progress:

Out and about....
Are you a tartan/plaid fan?

Take the gold!

Wearing my fave old sweater for the umpteenth time....

(The title is a line the character No Face says in the movie Spirited Away.)
Because I will buy anything Spirited Away, here's the latest addition to the wardrobe:

By the way, today is my eldest's birthday, you guys! (It's also Family Day here in Ontario, so it's a day off school/work.) Weeeeeee!

Pink is the new black.

"Pussyhat Project is a movement, not just a moment. 
Keep connected! Keep communicating! Keep fighting for women's rights! 
Hold onto your hats,  and wear them loudly and proudly. "
- (Pattern for the hat is in the link above, or if you're on Ravelry, click here.)

The sea of pink hats at the January 21st/2017 Women's March in DC...

The Cleo

This is the latest item I've sewn...a pinafore dress. Guys, I never knew how this is such an awesome all-season and comfortable piece to have. I will be definitely making more! (I've already worn this three days in a row...somebody stop me!).

In progress (FYI: fabric I used is stretch denim):
Are you guys a fan of the pinafore/dungaree dress?

Currently Loving #34

A round-up of what I'm currently loving:)

1) Banila Co. Clean It Zero
I was really hesitant to try a new cleanser, as I'm pretty happy with my skincare routine right now, but when I ran out of my cleansing oil, I thought I'd give this a go.
So so happy I did! I finally get the hype over this balm cleanser. It removes makeup really well, and it doesn't break me out....woohoo! I'm a new convert.

2) Life-Changing Magic Journal
This is a basic gratitude journal (undated for a span of three years), but really, anything with Marie Kondo's name is a love for me. Marie, just shut up and take my money!

The next few products are from one of my fave stores Muji. Do you guys shop there?

3) Muji steel boxes
These things are so useful, you guys! I mainly use them for my sewing items, but these boxes are great for any kind of storage.

 What's inside:
4) Muji makeup sponges
These are great quality and reasonably priced.

5) Muji pens Great quality and also reasonably priced

Stuck in the 90s

I honestly think everything goes with boots, especially combat and work boots. Amirite?

And you can't really tell from the pics above, but I like this detail on the tunic.
On the crafting front, here's the latest thing I sewed: a shirt for my middle child. He said he wanted me to make him another one, and who am I say no? He even picked out the fabric:D

Inspiration: Rei Shito

"Unlike so many young ladies I see at fashion week, she never dresses to attract attention. Although I don't believe in the myth of 'effortless style', I do believe in the idea of 'passionate style'. An idea that if a person buys only the items they really, really love, even if they get dressed in a dark closet, they will come out looking happy." -Scott Schuman, Closer, p.410
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