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Rain Dance

I guess spring wants to come back. Lots of precipitation lately...sigh....

By the way, July 10th was the third anniversary of this blog....woot! Who would've thunk I'd stick to doing this? Heehee...

But it's not Wednesday!

I just thought this shirt was cute:)

Happy Wednesday....I mean, Monday!!!

Obsession #31

Because it is summer, after all, and everyone needs a new suit, right?

(I should note that these suits I've been coveting are all surfer-style.)



What style do you like when it comes to bathing suits?

Don't go in there!

I'm pretty sure this is what my husband thinks when we go into a mall and walk past the Gap. I've been really loving their summer stuff lately, and with the sale prices, it's hard to resist, y'all!

Is there a store that you can't resist lately?


A new shirt, in honour of one of my fave shows:D

Daryl Dixon all the way! Do you watch the show? I know I've asked this before, but just in case you're a new reader....hehe....

Some Sunday Inspiration

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend:)

Summer fun (Picture-heavy)

Just wanna share some pics taken the past few days:) Let me tell you...keeping kids entertained is hard work, y'all!

At the zoo:

At Ripley's Aquarium

 Most sunny days are spent biking around....

At the swimming class
How are you spending your summer, guys?


Another basic summer outfit...

Even with the sometimes-cool-and-rainy weather, I vow to wear my shorts as much as I can especially after the winter we've had.

Happy Hump Day, peeps:)

Double layer

This Gapfit tank is all kinds of awesome. The sports bra is built in!

It's supposed to be for working out, but I think just getting out of the house not wearing jammies is a workout in itself. Hence, I say this is for everyday....

Happy Monday, guys:) How was your weekend?

A movie that will change your life

Guys, if you have not seen The Lego Movie, buy the DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital copy now....seriously....
This is one movie I can watch over and over and over and over again....and I have. Bwahaha! I laugh more than the kids when we watch it.

Best part of the movie: Morgan Freeman as the voice of Vitruvius
Second best part: Will Arnett as Batman
  "I only work in black, and sometimes very, very dark grey."

Have you seen this? Do you like it as much as I do? :D

Out of sync

I know it's too warm to wear cardigans right now, but I like how this turned out, so.....:D

Do you ever wear stuff that's not weather-appropriate just because you love it?