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Obsession #10

I have always liked Ugg Australia, not only because their shoes are comfy, but they also last. As someone who has a penchant for action-adventure films, I've always had this weird criteria when buying shoes. I always think, "If I was Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds, would I be able to run in these shoes, and would they last through an alien invasion?" Uggs definitely fit this criteria, and with these new obsessions, I can look stylish too! Bwahaha...

(all images from

New in...faux shearling

This was a purchase on Black Friday. It was on sale for a really good price, and of course, I couldn't pass it up. This is my last jacket purchase for awhile. As you will see in the pictures, it's not even that cold right now where I am. I mean, it's almost December, and our grass is still green!

What did you guys buy on Black Friday? Or are you planning to buy anything today for Cyber Monday?

Friday Photo Diary

Yesterday was a busy day, running around to go to appointments, doing some Black Friday shopping and some errands, and celebrating my daughter's birthday. Just thought I'd share some pics:)

Have an awesome weekend, everyone:)


What's a girl to do when she's too lazy to do something with her hair? Why, put on a cap, of course:P

Just running around doing errands again, so this is just another basic outfit.

Here's my daughter looking longingly at some stuff, and daddy giving in...bwahaha....

And lookie what I finally remembered to get?

Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbours, and Happy Black Friday shopping to everyone!

New in...but not really...

I received this from my sister-in-law (thanks, L). It was only used once or twice, and when she offered it to me, I couldn't say no.

I love that it looks like real leather, minus the new leather smell:P

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Matchy matchy

I love my daughter's leopard boots so much I had to find a pair for myself...yes, kinda sad. Anyhoo, I was able to find a reasonably-priced one in this Chinese mall we always go to. Well, hubby actually found them, but I always take credit for everything.

These boots are as comfy as the name brand uggs. YAY!

Maybe someday...

I've been wanting this haircut for awhile now, but admittedly am too chicken to have it done. But seriously, isn't this the most amazing look?

Cassie Ventura is known nowadays as the CK One face, but I will always remember her as Sophie from Step Up 2 (amazing movie) and the singer of "Is It You?" (amazing song).
Do you guys like her hair style?

Anyhoo, happy Friday, everyone. Have a great weekend too:)

Back in the day

Although I don't own a lot of vintage items, I understand why people are so drawn to them. There was actually a time when things were made to last forever.

Case in point...
These shoes were made in Italy. Can you guess what brand?

These Aldo shoes were bought in an outlet around 2001 for around $30 or $40 Cdn (as I remember). Yes....Aldo.

I do know that even mass-market items made in Asia (or India or Macau, etc.) are of good quality (see my previous post), but I miss those days when I don't have to buy designer  to get items made in Italy or France.

I guess this is the price we pay for capitalization and the need for profit.

Anyhoo, hope you guys have a great Wednesday:) Much love...


They say chain stores like Zara and H&M offer clothes that may be affordable to the masses but in terms of quality may not be the best. I do, however, have this parka from H&M that I've had for ages and still is one of my most-worn pieces. I love it, and have worn it sooooo many times, but it still looks like what it did when I bought it.
It looked like I was wearing a playsuit here. It was windy where I was that the dress kept clinging to my legs:P

My kids just wanted to say hi:)

When you see frost in the morning...

You can tell winter is coming when you have to warm up your car in the morning before getting in...sigh...But I love winter dressing. Like wearing black, winter dressing hides a multitude of sins:P

All these images are taken from November Teen Vogue, but anyone can rock these looks.

Have a great weekend, gals and guys:)