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Happy Monday, everyone!

Subway art

The Art Gallery of Ontario is having an exhibition of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat's works until May 10th. One of the subway stations here in Toronto has a few posters showing his famous pieces, which I thought was pretty fantastic.

(I have not seen the exhibition yet...sigh....)

I am big fan of his work. It was a tragedy that he died at such a young age, but his influence continues to this day.

Do you have a favourite artist that inspires you?

New haul

I seriously should not be allowed to go into Urban Outfitters anymore. "Hey, Urban Outfitters! Just shut up and take my money!"

They're all on sale, so it's ok, right?

Have you bought anything lately? Do share:)

Some March Break Fun 2015 (Picture-Heavy)

We went back to Great Wolf Lodge (in Niagara Falls), which is always a part of the kids' spring break  outing:)

This week is flying by so fast, you guys! Anyhoo, hope you're all doing great whatever you're up to:D

Some Spring Break inspiration

Hey, guys! March Break is here...woot! I might be MIA for a few days to hang out with the kiddos.

On that note, here are the things I would like to do if it's March Break everyday...hehe....

1) Hang out and learn how to surf.
2) Spend days in museums.
3) Knit.
4) Read all the books!
4) Paint.

5) And last but not the least...
Because who wouldn't want to play the ukulele the whole day with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, right?

What do you love to do on your vacation or spring break?



Knit scene

I feel like this long-sleeved shirt was made for me.

(In case you're new to this blog, I'm kinda obsessed with knitting.)

Happy Monday, everyone:D

Currently Loving #23

My latest faves, guys:)

1) Big Hero 6
One of my all-time fave Disney movies. Guys, if you haven't see this one, do so now! I'm obsessed with Baymax, and seriously wish my kiddos have someone like him. Then, I can sleep better at night:D

2) A Dance With Dragons It took me a long time to finish this just because I had a lot of other stuff going on, but it's such an amazing book...the whole series actually. Now,  I'm one of the legions of fans waiting for the 6th book to come out.

3) Pixi Boho Bronze eyeshadow I don't usually wear eyeshadow everyday, but have been wearing this daily since getting it. Awesome quality and colour, y'all!

4) NYX Matte Finish Great for when you want your makeup to last:)
5) Today is my awesome husband's birthday, so it's is my fave day of the week:) Happy happy birthday, G. ILY

Do share what you're loving lately:)

Mixed patterns Part Deux