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DIY for us lazy people

Do you want to turn all your sneakers into slip-ons? (This was actually my husband's idea. I think he got tired of hearing me complain about lacing them on....)

Your sneakers

1) Take off your old laces.
2) Replace both with the elastics. I cut the elastics' ends diagonally to make it easier to go through the lace holes.
3) Tie the elastics. I do three knots, but before doing so, I wear the shoes to make sure they are not tied too tight or too lose.


Hot and humid

It's the last day of school for the kids...yay! The weather we've been having lately is just perfect to welcome summer vacation:)

Some Tuesday inspiration

Images I've been loving for fashion inspo:)

Which is your fave out of all of these four, ladies and gents?

Our home and native land

Canada Day is actually on July 1st, but I thought I'd wear this hoodie now.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend:)

Underneath It All

I'm pretty sure that these old jeans are on their last legs. For now, I'll be wearing them with leggings/tights until they disintegrate.

Happy Friday, my dears:) Have a great weekend.

Video Alert! (with a special guest)

Recorded just for fun:D! Enjoy, and try not to be too scared....mwahaha!

Happy Wednesday, guys and gals:)


This shirt matches anything coz it has all the colours! (Well, not really, but almost....)

New in...One Star

To satisfy my craving for slip-ons (see post here), I got these from Target:D They're from the girls' collection, but they fit me, so....yeah....

You know what the best part of these shoes is?
Anyhoo, wishing you all a great weekend, and Advanced Happy Father's Day:)


One good thing about getting a lot of rain this spring is that, at least, our lawn is looking greener than usual:D

I thought the floral pants were appropriate:) How is the weather where you are?

Some help...

I asked my middle child to take this pic:) He's 7. It's never too early to encourage a profession, right?

I must's easier to have someone take your shot. You also get less weird looks:D
Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Obsession #22

These are just perfect for everyday, running-around activities:)
What have you been eyeing lately?


It'll always be quiet in our neighbourhood, but every time I start taking pics in front of our house, that's when the cars and people seem to come out. I honestly try not to look, but it doesn't work sometimes....

Happy Friday, everyone:)

Currently loving #11

Items I've been currently enjoying:
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman makeup brushes from Walmart (cheap but amazing)
Embryolisse Cream (great makeup remover; for any skin types)

Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil (a once-a-week treat for my poor wretched scalp and hair)

Nioxin Silk Elixir (an awesome leave-in conditioner)

Funko vinyl figures (My nerdiness has no bounds!)
What have you been loving lately? And have you seen the last episode of Game of Thrones "Rains of Castamere"? Aaaaaaaah! Can't wait for the finale.


I think the details on these jeans give them an Isabel Marant-ish vibe:)

Have a great Monday, everyone:)


I guess too hot is better than too cold, right? I have to remind myself of how much I complained about the snow when we get super humid and hot days like the past couple of days:P

Happy June 1st, everyone! Wishing you all a fab weekend:)