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I'm one of those people that still wear black during the hot summer months. This dress is actually pretty light-weight, and the material is soft:)

Do you wear black in the summer?

Summer basics

A shirt, shorts and slides...what else do you need for the summer? :D

Have a fab weekend, everyone!

Summer whites


New in...the white one

Guys, I was so ecstatic to find these! They're sold out everywhere. Went to Little Burgundy in Markville Mall, and they had one. Boo yaaaa!
I said before to go down a size when buying Arizonas, but I ended up getting my actual size for this one since I wear them with socks:D
I can now alternate between these and the black ones...hehe....


Any new acquisitions, guys and gals?

The long and short of it

Since it's officially summer, I think it's ok to bust out my sheer pieces....not that the cold season ever stopped me from wearing them:P

How is your weekend going? How is the weather where you are?

It's Friday. I'm in love.

I may be too excited that it's the end of the week....Happy Friday, everyone:)
Any plans for the weekend?

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

This post is dedicated to all you Mean Girls fans (the title is a quote from the movie):D

Do you like the movie Mean Girls?

Ce soir

This shirt has made so many appearances here. Still one of my faves:)

How was your weekend?

Some Saturday Inspiration

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


I remember one of my high school teachers loving this band sooooo much....:)

Do you like their music?

Another one

I have a new photo bomber....

Currently loving #18

What I'm really into lately....:)

1) Hwe Dup Bap
I always order this sashimi rice salad (without the rice) from this Japanese fast food place in Pacific Mall. I can eat this three times a day, you guys!

2) Kevyn Aucoin makeup brushes
I used to freelance as a makeup artist (here's my website in case you're wondering), and was dying for this set of brushes. One Christmas, my husband surprised me with them. I burst into tears, y'all! They are worth every penny. I've had them for years now, and they're still like when I first got them.
(PS I put labels on them with my name, coz I didn't want them walking away when I was working....ahem....)

3)Live Clean Pink Fire shampoo
It's sulfate-free, cheap and gentle enough for my coloured hair.

4) I mentioned O'Keeffe's Working Hands before. This is the version for feet, and works just as well.

What are you loving lately?

It's not gonna happen!

Trying to make the socks-with-sandals stylish is an uphill battle....thank God, I have no shame....

Have you worn sandals with socks?


It's great to be in the midst of all these green after the whiteness of snow:D

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Our goose is totally loose.

These pants, you loose and comfy they're honorary sweat pants.

(The title of this post is to all of you Buffy fans out there...hehe....)

Happy Monday, everyone! :)