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Michelin Man

We didn't have a white Christmas, but snow finally did come, and with it the cold temperature.

One thing I like about the snow and cold weather is I can wear this apres-ski outfit, even though I don't ski...

Anyhoo, this is my last post for 2011, so I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year's Eve. May 2012 be a prosperous and happy one for all of you! :)


Boxing Day Madness

I have not gone shopping during Boxing Day for a couple of years, and decided to break that trend this year (Thanks again to my sister-in-law for watching the kids:)) My eldest sis from Vancouver is in town to celebrate the holidays with us, and we decided to make December 26th our annual sisters-shopaholic meeting. All I can say is... oh...em...gee! It's hard to think that our economy is the way it is when you see this amount of people shopping, eh?

What did you guys get for Boxing Day?

Christmas Photo Diary

Hope everyone had a lovely celebration this weekend.:)

I would just like to share some pics taken on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Every year, it's tradition that we go to church on the 24th, and have a small dinner afterwards. The big Christmas Dinner happens on the 25th.

Did you guys get what you wanted from Santa this year?

All I Want For Christmas

Since it's December 24th where I am, I thought it would be a perfect time to post my ultimate wishlist. These are things I don't need and can't even really justify saving up for.  I would not mind, however, getting them if Santa has a few extra dollars to go around...

 1) Louis Vuitton Bosphore Backpack- Because it's utilitarian, and it's LV...can't get any better than that.

2) Ipad- Because it would be nice as an e-reader, and to watch Netflix in... 3) Leica M9- Because I'm a sucker for endorsements, and a lot of street photographers seem to really like this camera. Santa, if you have about $8000 to spare, then....:P N.B. I actually just bought the Canon Powershot S95 in October, and truly do love it. It's pocketable, shoots in RAW, and you can do full Manual mode. I highly recommend that one.:)
Anyhoo, I just want to wish everyone an awesome Holiday Season. Much love:)

New Look- Part Two, and New in...

Here is the conclusion to the new hair style (Part 1 here). Thank you to dear hubby who finished it off even when he was tired and it was late at night. I knew I married him for a reason:P

 Hubby, what do you think of the style?

And just wanna share this new purchase. I was so excited coz they were on sale, and they had my size. This was actually on the list of my Isabel Marant Dicker boots look-alike (see blog here).

Torn apart

The day started off warm enough that I was able to go out without a jacket, which was kinda weird considering it was freezing the past couple of days. It did get colder as the day went on, but at least, it was nice to have a fall-like weather (even if just for a short time).

I love this cardi and how it is torn in some places. It's also held together by a safety pin. How can you not love that? Plus, it matches my ancient jeans:P

Saturday Photo Diary

My sister-in-law was kind enough to take the kids for the day (thanks again, L), and thus, hubby and I spent it walking around downtown Toronto to do some shopping. I love the city, and the holiday season always brings out its charm even more...

Happy Sunday, y'all:)

New in...H&M

It was fate that my husband was off on December 14th. What's so special about that date? Why, the launch of H&M/Trish Summerville Collection, of course! As some of you may know, I've been obsessing over this (see blog here). So, as soon as we dropped the boys off to school, hubby, daughter and myself drove to Yorkdale Mall. Luckily, there was no line up or anything like that. They were just putting out the collection when we came, and thus, didn't have to elbow our way to see the items:)

 I was able to get most of what I wanted, as hubby was generous enough to give them to me as advanced Christmas gift...woo hoo! :)

Loved everything that it was really hard to control myself:P

When the collection came out, this article from the Toronto Star came out questioning it. Do you agree? I myself love the clothing purely for aesthetic reason, but if you have read the book, you might know what the hullabaloo is all about.

Anyhoo, any new hauls lately, guys? And Happy Friday!