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Most sophisticated Halloween costume...ever!

Can you guess what I was?
If you guessed a YouTube vlog of a Twihard, you are right! :)

This was how I decorated the front yard...

How was your Halloween, everyone?

Til death do us part...

I would like to introduce my third arm...aka my iphone. She is old and battered. She has been dropped and abused, but still works. I will never ever replace her.

Meet Ms. 3G Hello Kitty...

Yes...I said 3G. I will have her til the end. Well, to be honest, I tried to replace her with Ms.4G, but my cell phone company said I had to change my phone plan too because it was too old (and cheap). I was, "Hellz, no!" So, Ms. 3G is stuck with me until she conks out. And why Hello Kitty? Because she rocks, and I will never outgrow her:)

What is my fave app, you ask?

H&M and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I kinda freaked out when I read in Fashion Magazine's blog that H&M has collaborated with Trish Summerville for a Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-inspired collection coming out in December (She's the costume designer for David Fincher's movie version.). I have not seen the original (with Noomi Rapace), but the book trilogy is on my reading list and am also eagerly awaiting for Fincher's version.

Look how amazing the collection looks:
I might have to save up to get the entire collection.

What do you guys think?

Mini Me

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. ~Chinese Proverb

Once you go harem...

Since falling in love with this kind of pants (see blog here), I've been on the look out for them. I found these in a discount store that sells appliances and knick knacks (of all things), located in a dinky strip mall. I love them because not only were they cheap and are comfortable, they're also kind of loud.

My kids kept touching them the first time I wore them...I'm pretty sure they think I'm crazy.


If you read Garance Dore's blog, you may have seen this already.

It is too late for me (see blog here), but there may be hope for you...

..."but they're so comfortable!"

Have a great weekend, everyone:)

Oprah Winfrey and Aging

If there's one person in this world I would like to meet the most, it would have to be Oprah Winfrey. Not only has she accomplished so much in terms of her career, she also empowers people through her work.

This blog post is inspired by her Lifeclass show on Aging. If you get the time, please watch it. It is truly very inspiring (along with the other episodes).

I am 36 years old...born in 1975, the year of the Rabbit. I have less kids than Angelina Jolie, but more than Drew Barrymore (who are both my age:P)

Some people say I dress too young for my age. Because of my lifestyle and my height (I'm 5-ft. tall.), perhaps, I do tend to go for the younger, more "casual" look. I can't run around, unfortunately, in high heels and nice suits. If I do, I would probably trip and fall on my behind within 5 minutes. Bottom line, the way I dress makes me happy. (That's a good thing about stop caring what other people think.:P)
If there's one thing that truly s…

Obsession #8

How can I not love these? Just pure awesomeness for the fall/winter...
 You can get these babies in Canada at The Bay...woohoo!! Saving up now...

These  can go with anything. Look how Olivia Palermo wore her Charlotte Olympia leopard booties. They have less chunkier heels, but you get the idea:)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Celebration time!

Today is my second son's birthday. I like birthdays because it's a time for everyone to get a bit more dressed up. Any excuse, right? Bwahaha!

This was before leaving the house:

This was what I ended up really wearing:
This was what was hanging in the restaurant where we ate. It had a movie theme.

Are you guys having a winning weekend?

I can't live without you!

Being a freelance makeup artist, it is really rare (for me, anyway) to be loyal to one product. There are always new products coming out, and they seem to get better and better...most of the time, anyway. With foundations, however, I always go back to this brand, both professionally and personally. I think it is the perfect foundation.

I first read about this brand from the book Technique of the Professional Makeup Artist, written by Vincent Kehoe who was the creator of RCMA. When I went to makeup school, this was what was given to us in our kits. After learning to use it, I was hooked! It is a full-coverage foundation, but you can definitely sheer it down. It looks great on photos, on TV/film and in real life.

I'm telling you...this thing is amazing! I actually get compliments on my skin when I wear this, and for someone who suffered through acne (and has marks to prove it), that's pretty unbelievable.

This is my second runner-up...

I love the Studio Fix because it's so …

Change of heart

I have to admit, I never really got harem pants when they first came out. I though, "why would someone wear something so unflattering?". I did see, however, Bohemian Chic and The Man Repeller rockin them out, and it made me think, "Well, hey now. They might just have something worthwhile here." When these ones from Urban Outfitters went on sale, I decided to grab them, and lo and behold, I think I have a new obsession.

Do you guys like harem pants?

Army surplus store

We had ad another free day (sister-in-law took the kids...thank you, L), so hubby and I decided to go downtown to walk around. It was a really a lovely day. The sun was out, but it wasn't hot. YAY! (I wish it would be like this everyday....sigh...)  We ended up at this store, and with my love for anything military (see blog here), I couldn't resist taking pics.

(taken with my phone)

We also ended up at Holt Renfrew where I drooled on these...

...and also at Urban Outfitters, where I bought these as they were soooooo cheap:

How was your weekend, guys? Any shopping score?

Morning routine

An advantage of having a uniform for the kids in school is that it takes away the hassle of thinking of what to wear. On that note, here I am with my standard leggings and loose top. Perhaps not very imaginative, but it gets us out of the house relatively quick.

Here are some pics taken before I drove the kids to school.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And to my fellow Canucks, Advanced Happy Thanksgiving:)