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Life changing indeed

Japan has a cleaning ritual at the end of the year called ōsōji. As my last post for the year, I thought I would discuss a method that has totally changed the way I tidy up and thus welcome the new year with a clean and fresh state.

What am I talking about? The KonMari method.

I first heard about Marie Kondo's book The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up through goop. I saw it in a lot of TV shows as well, with the author promoting the method. I then read on Vanessa's blog how she applied the KonMari method in her home. It was really inspiring. I thought, however, that I just didn't have the discipline to do what she did.

I did eventually get the book around March 2016, but it sat on my shelf. Then, in November, I had to help my mom clear her place. Boy...what a wake up call that was. My mom had a lot of stuff, and I mean A LOT! She kept everything, not only her stuff and my late dad's stuff, but all the memorabilia from our childhood (I have two sisters.). School notes…

Christmas 2016

How was your Christmas/holiday, guys? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend:) Today is Boxing Day here in Canada, so, as per the family tradition, my sisters and I are doing some shopping right now (window shopping in my case:D).

Here are some pics taken the past few days.

I'm wearing the latest thing I've sewed: a dress using Vogue Pattern 1496. I do love how this dress turned out:)

Sleep over at my mom's

Matching shirts...hubby looked excited, no?


I've heard about Hourglass and its Ambient Lighting powders for a long time now, but have resisted trying them out. However, I finally gave in after seeing these old videos by Wayne Goss and MakeupbyTiffanyD.

I ended up ordering the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. The shades in the palette are: Dim Light, Incandescent Light, and Radiant Light. Individually, the powders are $55Cdn, but the whole palette is $70Cdn so I thought it would be a better deal just to get the palette. So, did these live up to the hype? A big hellz yah! I totally get it now....why everyone has been raving about these. I use these all over my face as a final step (combining two shades together depending on what I feel like mixing up), and it gives such a nice finish. I find it does give a candlelight glow, you guys. I thought at first that these might be glittery and more for highlighting, but not at all. 
And so, because I fell in love with this palette, I decided to give the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lig…

Buried in the snow

A lot of us northerners are having our Elsa and Anna moment these past few days...

What's a girl to do but go shopping to warm up? Hehe....

Frigid and bitter

"Now is the Winter of our Discontent / Made glorious Summer by this sun of York..."
- Shakespeare

Currently Loving #32

These are the things I've enjoyed/been enjoying lately.
 As you all know, my blog has always been sponsor/ad-free....these are just the stuff I truly like/love/enjoy:) All links are for info purposes only.

1)  City Hall
I am a huge Cha Seung Won fan since seeing him on The Greatest Love, and also love Kim Sun Ah after seeing her on My Lovely Sam Soon, so Rowena recommended I watch this show (she also recommended the other shows.) I  am so glad I finally did got the chance to see it. I ended up marathoning the 20 episodes.
Just an awesome show. Great cast (both the leads and the supporting) and all the characters are relatable, even the so-called villains. And Seung Won is also uber hot...teehee...
Thanks again for recommending this, Rowena!
2) Supernatural
I was looking for a horror movie to watch on Netflix, but I decided to check out the first episode of this show just out of curiosity and Am so hooked! Just a fun's like a combination of X-Files an…

That means it's meant to be.

I found this coat at our local Topshop. 70% off; it's the last one on the rack; it's my size. What's a girl to do? Right? Right?!?!

I was also shopping with the kids, who are the worst enablers....yah....yah....that's my story and I'm sticking to it....

I like how you can dress up/dress down this coat.

Any new purchases lately, guys?

All I Want For Christmas 2016

I know most people post gift guides, but since I'm a selfish beyotch, Imma posting stuff on my wish list...hehe...

1) Anything from the PONY Effect makeup line.
If you're into Asian skincare/makeup, you probably know who Pony is. If not, this is her YouTube Channel.

I just adore her, and have been meaning to try her makeup line, which I heard is just amazing.
PS One of her most famous makeup tutorials:

2) Nintendo NES Classic Edition
My husband and I actually went to several stores the day this came out but all of them sold out so quickly. (There were peeps who lined up overnight.)
Thanks, Nintendo, for producing, like, only 20 of these. We have been on the hunt since, but alas, no luck. (I refuse to pay the inflated prices on Ebay.) Fingers crossed, you guys.
3) Olympus PEN-F camera
I do love my 5-yr-old Canon S95, but yeah...5 years old. (Unfortunately, I just can't handle the bulk of a DSLR, so mirrorless cameras are what I'm looking for.)

4) "The Book of Haps&q…

The one with the globe

And then, just like that, it's December and Christmas is around the corner.

Shopping is seewiyus beezness!