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A lof milestones this weekend, so I thought I'd skip my usual tattered jeans and shirt and wear something slightly more dressed up. Considering how much I love this blazer, I really should wear it more often.

My daughter had her First Confession (we're Catholics) over the weekend, and also celebrated her 7th birthday, which is a pretty big deal in our culture. 7, guys! 7!!!! Where did the time go? Huhuhu....

Anyhoo, how was your weekend?

Second round

Wearing the vest again from previous post, but with a different outfit to show how versatile it is. What can I say? The vest is just right for this winter, plus....I tend to wear stuff I like over and over until it gets tattered. Totally normal, right? Do you do the same?

Anyhoo, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

Filling in the gap

The reason I knit and sew is to make things that are missing from my closet. For example, I've been wanting a layering piece for the upcoming cold months, and what better way to stay warm than a thick chunky vest, right?

I decided to knit this Cowichan-inspired vest because I've been really interested in the Coast Salish knitting tradition since attending Sylvia Olsen's class last year. I finished this vest just in time too, coz winter has arrived here...snow and all!

Vest pattern: Tokul by Andrea Rangel
(Don't worry. The little one and I were outside for only a really short minute.)

What I love about this type of knitting is that the inside is as great as the outside (IMO).

This was a challenging knit, but I really love the finished vest and can see myself wearing this to death.

Is it sweater weather where you are?

My Skincare Routine (The Battle Against Cystic Acne)

I've always suffered from acne since hitting puberty, and in fact, I actually took Accutane when I was young. Not gonna lie....despite all the side effects, Accutane really did save my skin. My acne never came back as bad as it did after taking it...well, not until recently.

Around the beginning of September, I developed cystic acne on the left side of my face. It was really awful and painful, guys! So bad I couldn't even touch it some days. I'm used to breaking out, but not to this extent:(

There were many factors involved: sudden change in diet (i.e..eating too much fried food and seafood), hormonal issues, trying new products that didn't work...they just all culminated into this one massive disaster. I tried so many things but everything was making my skin worse...even my usual skincare stuff that never broke me out! What to do?

I've decided to completely overhaul my skin care routine, and ended up getting a prescription topical treatment from my doctor. (I shou…


My mom will be moving soon so I've been helping her pack. Aside from discovering many gems from our childhood that she's kept, she's also decided to give away some clothes. One of the items I asked for is this sweater.

This was an old sweater my father, who passed away in 2006, wore a lot.

And also....another thing I'd like to share, coz why not?

Obsession #40

Checking out black platform ankle boots lately. So perfect for fall/winter, right?

1) ASOS Ellen Platform Ankle Boots
 2)New Look Chunky Platform Lace Up Boots 
 3) Jeffrey Campbell Syracuse Platform Boots

The flannel dress

I seriously should be banned from going to Uniqlo! That store has become my Achilles heel. I always find something there...not good! In my defence, I was meaning to sew a dress like this, but with the price, I couldn't resist.

 This has pockets, you guys, and also super comfy. (I should point out that I'm 5'0 tall, so this dress appears longer than normal.)

Of course, what did I do this weekend? Go to Uniqlo, of course. Sigh...I never learn.

New in...
(Thank you to my sponsor: dear husband.)
We had a chance to go see the Hudson Bay Christmas window display downtown as well, so I thought I'd take some pics. It's an annual tradition, and they even hired Mariah Carey this year for the big reveal. Not gonna lie...kinda underwhelmed with this year's theme.

And this is what happens when I ask the husband to take a pic:

How was your weekend?


I know cropped tops are not really meant for fall/winter, but heck, why not? I wear sweaters during the summer too. I like living on the edge.

How about you? Do you have outfits you wear year-round?