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Frock you

I've mentioned in an old blog post how much I love this dress pattern. I was able to get my hands on it, but only had the time to sew it recently. And guys, am so happy how this turned out! I'll be sure to make more of this dress:)

How was your weekend, guys?

Blown away

I'm so dedicated to taking these outfit pics that no matter what is thrown my way, I still go out there.
Windy day? No problem!

(Honestly, though, because I'm not of those bloggers who put a lot of thought into what they wear, these outfits shots are much easier for me to do than the other types of posts I do. There....I said it....)

Some outtakes...hehe

How's the weather where you are?

Dots and plaid

As usual, another dress-with-boots, which is fast becoming my go-to outfit.

 My eldest celebrated his birthday this weekend. Man...he's gonna be taller than me soon!

How was your weekend?

Currently Loving #27

Things I'm loving lately....

1) The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
I've had the first book Cinder for awhile because it was my recommended by my SIL, but it wasn't until recently that I've had the chance to read it, and I.Am.Hooked. I had to buy the rest of the series right away, yo! It's YA, and the whole series is based on different fairy tales, with a mix of Star Wars-like saga. I'm on the third book right now.

2) My youngest and I really love these Invisibobbles I won in a giveaway, which I've discussed here.

3) Luvskin Green Tea Toner
I've been hearing about Korean skin care products for a long time now, but haven't really tried anything. Inspired by Rowena, who has an amazing skin care routine and does great product reviews including different Korean brands, I thought I'd give it a shot. I saw this toner in an Asian store, and thought I'd give it a go, and I'm liking it so far!

4) Pixi Flawless Vitamin Veil
I've been using t…

Weekend in Siberia

It did feel like everyone in the northeast border of North America was living inside the freezer this weekend. On Saturday, wind chill went down to about -40...yup....

Hand knits are perfect for this kind of weather.

This was the temp yesterday when the pictures were taken....

Anyhoo, wishing all of you a happy Monday, and Happy Family Day to my fellow Canucks who are off today:)

New in...and now in wheat

You've seen me wear these black boots a lot lately. Well, I found them in another colour, and on sale! Say wut?!?!

Your turn...any new purchase lately?

Year of the Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone:) Wishing you much happiness, good luck and good health for the days ahead.

Of course, I had to wear red for Chinese New Year's Eve dinner last night.

I sewed a dress using Tilly and the Button's Bettine pattern. Of course, I made the little one a skirt using the same fabric and using the ClĂ©mence pattern from Tilly's book (which I've blogged about when I just got into sewing here.) My daughter was wearing it with ballet leotards because she had dance class before the dinner. (I also sewed the leotards using a Jalie pattern.)

I made the mistake of making the wrong size because I'm an idiot,  but I made it fit and I love it:) I'll be making more of this for sure!

And yes, it's still cold over here but we were out for just a few minutes. We're masters of quick photo shoots in our house....mwahaha!

Dinner last night...I'm still full!
Kung hei fat choi, peeps!

Across the universe

Because The Beatles rock...

(I didn't know my special guest was there...sigh....)

Guys, I also would like to take this opportunity to thank my blogger friend Kim of A Very Sweet Blog. I won her Invisibobble giveaway!

Love the cool packaging. So cannot wait to use it:) Thanks again for this, Kim!

Oldie but goodie

This dress is another item I've had for, maybe 10 years or more....

I have this is in red, too. To be honest, as much as I like these dresses, I'll probably be re-fashioning them, as I find they're too clingy to my liking.

Anyhoo, happy Monday, guys:) Can't believe it's February already....gaaaaaah!