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Obsession #36

When I see collections, there are usually a few pieces that would catch my attention, but not the entire thing. Chloe's Summer 2015 was the exception. Since these appeared in the fall show last year, I've been kinda obsessing over everything...sigh....

(all images from

You can see the entire collection here. Just pure awesomeness, right?

(Can you believe it's the end of July? Gaaaaaah!)


We've been having super hot days lately and let me tell you, I'm just so happy about it especially after the harsh winter we just had. I don't mind living in shorts 365 days a year!

I hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you may be:)

Summer black

Because black is definitely year-round....

And guys, it's been 4 years since I first started blogging (first post here)! Time flies by super fast for sure.

Hope you're having a fab weekend:)

The boyfriend shorts

Bought these shorts last year from H&M, and I still am kinda in love with them.

What are your summer staples?

Summer days, drifting away

For those who have been reading my blog awhile now, you know how I always complain about summer being so short. It's because I really do love spending time with the kids, and getting to do all the fun stuff with them. We're lucky enough to live close by to some of the city's attractions like the zoo, so we go there a lot!

Here are some of our shenanigans:)

How have you been spending your summer so far?


Another proof that knit wear is year-round: this cardigan I knitted (pattern here). It's just right for summer because it's light-weight, y'all!

And because there's a bit of a Pan Am Games fever going on in the city, here are some pics taken downtown:)

Short and sweet

Loving cropped tops lately.:)

 (PS I have a short torso, so these kinds of tops are not as cropped on me....heh)

Festival attire

Frankly, as much as I would like to go to a music festival, big crowds are not really my thing. But hey, I can always pretend I'm there, right?

Have you been to a music fest? Do tell me about your experience so I can live vicariously through you:D

Obsession #35

These of each, please!

1) Saint Laurent fringed bag

2) Topshop tassel bag

3) And because the Pan Am Games are starting today and right here in Toronto, this Roots bag is very appropriate:)
What is your current obsession?

Moccasin love

These are just so comfy, you guys:)

Don't you just love how we never put of snow shovel away? Bwahaha!

Some Saturday Inspiration

Wishing our American neighbours a Happy 4th of July!