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Indian summer

Mother Nature is too funny. It's fall, so of course, it's now nice and warm and sunny...I'm not complaining:D

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this already. My little one had an accident in the school yard. Hopefully, the cast comes out later this week. (Look. She still likes to pose:D)

Some Friday Inspiration

Have a great Friday, everyone:)


This is my favourite spread from the September issue of Nylon:)

Photographed by Eddie Chacon
Styled by Liz Rundbaken

Everything here is on my wish list.
What's in yours?


This month has been such a trial, to say the least. If you're not having a good month like me, I hope this one makes you smile, at least:)
Calvin and Hobbes make everything better, right?

The 90's never left.

Who isn't mad for plaid?




Night's Watch

This hoodie was one of the purchases at Fan Expo this year....I may have been too excited to get it...
 It has the Night's Watch oath, you guys!

Can I hear an amen if you're a GoT fan? :D

Obsession #32

The Alexander Wang for H&M collection is seriously something I would love love love to have. The entire collection, guys! Are you as excited as I am for November to come?

What's in a name?

I'm calling this outfit "athletic", although in reality, this is not even an outfit, as it's just what I wear when I'm running around doing errands, and also battling a cold...sigh....

Anyhoo, hope your Thursday is going well:)

Getting there

It's been nice the past couple of days, but you can tell fall is coming when a jacket is now necessary in the early morning....
Another sign that fall is coming: the kiddos are all sick...sigh....

Two halves of the same soul

We went to a wedding reception last night. I gotta tell you...we don't get the chance to go to a lot of them, but I love weddings. There's nothing better than seeing two people make that kind of commitment to each other.:)

Are you a fan of weddings, too?

Plain Jane

Plain shirt, jeans and runners....another basic outfit, y'all, but you can't really go wrong with comfortable clothes, right?

Happy Friday, everyone! Any plans?

End of summer

It is officially fall for us here, as the kiddos started school yesterday. Let me tell you a little secret...I always get into a bit of a funk the day they go back to school. It just feels like summer always flies by soooooo fast...sigh....

Anyhoo, thank you to my husband for taking me yarn shopping yesterday to make me feel better, because Yarn=happiness #KnittingLife :D

How do you feel about the change in season?