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Plain and simple

Another day spent just running around, so this outfit can't get any more basic: T-shirt and jeans. You can't really go wrong with these staples!

We ate that day in this Vietnamese restaurant we always frequent. We eat there so much they actually know our orders by heart! :)

What have you guys been up to? Hope your week's going great!

New the wall

These were on sale for 50% off...woot woot! I had to get them, especially after obsession #13...well, that's my excuse anyhoo:P
I love the colour! So bright and perfect for summer:)

Here's how I wore it:

Any new hauls for you guys?

Dancing in the dark

This look is inspired by the dancers of Kreesha Turner's new video for "Love Again". I really loved the whole aesthetic of it because it's very post-apocalytic/Girl With Dragon Tattoo:)

(N.B. I have slight obsession with dancers in general. I blame the movie "Step Up":P)



Granted, this look is not very springy/summery, but I still like it coz it's comfy and I can just take off the hoodie when it gets too hot:)

Hope everyone's having a super-duper great weekend so far!

Obsession #13

One of the great things about being a stay-at-home mom is that I can actually get away with wearing trainers everyday, and no one can tell me it's not a part of the dress code....heehee....

Here are the ones I am dying to own...

Do you guys like the sneaker trend?

Right to bare arms

With the warmer weather really finally coming, it's great to finally be able to enjoy the no-jacket look and show some skin (which in my case is just my arms which really need some workout!)
Here's to a great hump day! Just two more days before the weekend...:P


"Erudite faction norms dictate that a faction member must wear at least one blue article of clothing at a time, because blue causes the body to release calming chemicals, and a "calm mind is a clear mind". The color also come to signify their faction."
- from the book Divergent by Veronica Roth (p.348- paperback edition)

I am obsessed with the Divergent series. Guys, I highly recommend it. It's a Young Adult series, but much like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, adults are sure to enjoy the books too.

The story line is set in a dystopian society. There are five factions, each categorized by different set of characters the group value. The protagonist, Tris, has to pick which one she will live in for the rest of her life, and live with the consequences of her choice. I love both books in the series so far, but the first one blew me away!

Have you guys read the books? Let me know!

P.S. Veronica Roth has a blog too where fans can connect with her:)

Anyhoo, here&…

Orange you glad...

This is another one of those shirts I have that gets worn soooo many times I should have bought them in multiples...sigh....

 I love it not only because I love the colour and the stripes, it's also made of the softest material.

Happy Saturday, everyone! It's Victoria Day here on Monday, so long weekend for all Canadians...woohoo!:)

New in...tie-dye

As much as I love Isabel Marant's Ipa jeans, I'm the type of person that would actually never pay a lot of money for denim. What's a girl to do? Wait for sale, or go to Zara...that's what!

Can't wait to wear these!

Do you guys like to splurge on jeans?

How loose is your goose?

For Mother's Day Dinner, it was decided that we would have it in a buffet, and what better occasion to wear this loose dress! If there's one thing I want to be while stuffing myself like a pig, it's comfortable, and that's what this outfit is. No tummy sucking:P

Have a great day, everyone!

80's redux

I love the 80's, not only because of the music, but to be honest, I like the fashion too. I know a lot of people say it's the worst decade in terms of what the people wore, but c' was fun! (I was just a wee fetus then, so I'm just guessing...ahem...)

This outfit kinda reminds me of the decade because of the graphic tee and the harem pants...heehee...

Do you guys and gals like the 80's?

Anyhoo, just wanna wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day! Hugs and kisses to all you rock star mammas!

Currently loving #2

Some random items I've been kinda obsessing over lately (all taken with my old iPhone)...

Well, that's it for now:) What are you guys loving lately?


Like most North Americans in the northeast, I can't wait for the summer when I can go out in open-toed shoes and t-shirts. In the meantime, I'm enjoying wearing this bomber, because it's crazy! It looks like something a colour-blind person would wear:P

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Hope your week is going great so far:)

Gone fishin'

I've always liked the nautical look. I've never been on a yacht, but I've always liked the whole idea of having the luxury to do that:P I also like the look for three reasons:
- My obsession with stripes
- It reminds me of the French Riviera, which I would like to visit as soon as I win the lottery:P
- It is such a classic look that everyone from Chanel to Pablo Picasso embraced it.

What do you guys feel about the nautical look?


My in-laws took the kids last Sunday during the day, so I decided to spend it walking around downtown to window-shop and play tourist. Admittedly, it did not go as I hoped. First of all,  the subway line that would take me directly to my destination was not running, so they had shuttle buses running instead,which were crazy-packed! I was also not dressed properly, as it ended up being such a super-nice day, and I was wearing my winter coat. ..sigh...

Anyhoo, it was still great having some time to myself, which is a rare occurrence:P Here are some pics I took that day...

If any of you have not been to Toronto, I really encourage you to visit:) It's clean; the people are friendly; there are Tim Hortons coffee shops everywhere:P

Anyhoo, Happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all! How are you spending your weekend?