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And then, it was hot :)

My basic summer outfit: shorts and tank tops. (There are rain some days, but all in all, I'm not complaining:D)


Happy Hump Day, everyone:)

Currently Loving #24

A few of the beauty products I've been using and really loving lately:)

1) Julie Hewett Cheekie in Peachie
I use this as a blush everyday. (After foundation, I put this on, followed by a setting powder, then the MAC blush in Melba. This really works to make my blush stay on the whole day.) I love this cheekie because you can use it as a lip colour too.
2) Organix Moroccan argan oil
Great for adding shine to hair, and reasonably priced too.

3) L'Oreal Miss Manga Voluminous mascara
I've seen rave reviews on this mascara, and  finally bought it after seeing it on Elle Sees' blog as well. I now understand the hype. I bought the waterproof version because my eyes water a lot. It stays put, y'all, and really does work amazeballs!

4)Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum
I usually use the Vichy Lift-Activ serum, but wanted to try a less expensive version. I bought this to try, and like it. I love the texture.

5) Becca Concealer in Banana This is another product that stays …

Sands of time

My youngest one just had her senior kindergarten graduation. Gaaaaaaaah! They're growing up so fast!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

The epicness of dinosaurs

I still remember watching the original Jurassic Park movie in the theatre, guys. Ever since, I've been a big fan of the the series. And now, with having little kids, I can share the love of dinosaurs with them. :D

My middle child, especially, had been so excited for the Jurassic World to come out that he started a count down since the beginning of the year. I promised him we'd see it on opening day, so of course, I pulled the boys out of school on Friday so we could watch it! Bwahaha!

Needless to say, we all loved it. Just a great entertaining movie, and the dinosaurs.....the dinosaurs!!!!! I loved that  climactic scene when there's a battle between...well, no spoilers here. Let's just! The human characters were a bit of a stereotype, but the dinosaurs more than made up for that...and well, Chris Pratt was okay to look at, too...ahem....

Can we talk about the awesomeness of Bryce Dallas Howard running in heels throughout the movie?!?!

I give this m…

Live forever

Just a very casual outfit, guys, but I just want to show you this awesome hoodie:D

Happy Thursday :)

Fringe benefits

This oversized and fringed Topshop jacket is my new fave. I feel very Olsen-like in this, minus the wealth and looks. At least, I have their height, right? Right.

Are you a fan of fringe? There's something very boho about it:)

For all seasons

I love that you can wear knitted items any time of the year. This top I knitted is made out of cotton/rayon yarn, so very wearable during the warmer months:)

Coast Salish/Cowichan Knitting Workshop

Last Friday (May 29th), I had the chance to attend author/knitting expert Sylvia Olsen's Great Canadian Knitting Tour workshop in my area. In this tour, she discusses the history of Coast Salish knitting, in particular the Cowichan sweater tradition.

Guys, I was really lucky to get in this workshop. I was on the wait list because the class was full. Fortunately, the yarn shop (Creative Yarns) was able to hold another one because too many wanted to do the class...yay!

To see these authentic Cowichan items was just great, and Ms. Olsen is such a great story teller. If you have the opportunity to go see her, I highly recommend it:)

The workshop included a toque kit (yarns and pattern), because we were also taught how to knit the way Coast Salish knitters do. So different from the traditional colour work style of Fair Isle/Intarsia knitting....

 And me with me Sylvia Olsen:D
 I had her sign the books I bought, and I also bought a fingerless mitts kit (which I've started already).