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Bare necessities

I've worn this leather jacket and ankle boots on this blog a lot. I think they are must-haves and such versatile pieces...and yay that I can finally put away my thick winter coat (knock on wood)!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

#FleursdeVilles at Vaughan Mills

We had the chance to see the pop-up Fleurs de Villes show at Vaughan Mills which featured mannequins dressed in beautiful floral gowns. It was really amazing how these looked, you guys!

Here are some pics we took:)


This is officially my 1000th post, you guys! IKR?!?!? I honestly didn't think I'd be blogging for this long.  Thank you to all of you who take the time to read my little musings and all rock:) 

What better way to celebrate than to feature the Olsen twins again on this blog who have been my fave fashion icons for forever:)

Anchors aweigh!

So....I feel like this winter will never leave us, guys! We just had an ice storm, and it's the middle of April...sigh....Well, one thing that's sure to make a girl feel good is having new stuff in the closet. (Yes...I'm shallow.)

And another lovely gift from the hubby...almost scary how much he knows what I like and don't like.
Love this coat soooooo much. I've been wanting something like this for awhile coz I think it's such a timeless piece, you know?

Anyhoo, I hope you are all having a better weather than us over here!

Second time's the charm.

Do you guys remember this dress I sewed awhile back?

I really didn't like it and never did wear it again, so I decided to turn it into a skirt.
I re-sewed the four bottom panels and turned it into one that looks a bit like a kilt. I attached a kilt buckle and used a kilt pin which were surprisingly easy to find!
 In progress:

I must admit I'm quite happy how this turned out. Definitely will get more wear than the original!

And speaking of second time, I knitted another one of these:)

Smile like you mean it

I've mentioned in this post about my obsession with the band. What's a girl to do but buy some band merch, of course...bwahaha!

(purchased from The Killers store)

Let's all enjoy some more of their music, shall we?

New cherry red

Just had my birthday a few days ago, and this is a new addition to my small bag collection...a birthday gift from the hubby:D Thanks, hubby!

I love tote bags, but have really been using backpacks the past few years. It's much easier on the back and very handy for travel. Do you like backpacks?

Two birds with one stone

I'm one of those moms who like matching outfits...not for the kids, mind you, but for me and my daughter...bwahaha!

This is the latest thing I've finished knitting...a sweater to match the jumper I made for my daughter awhile back.

In progress:

If you knit, I highly recommend joining The Knitting Guild Association. For a small yearly fee (currently $25US), you get access to Cast On Magazine (where these patterns are from), and be able to enrol in courses & certifications (for a reasonable price) such as the Master Hand Knitter program (am slowly plugging along on the last level, you guys), and Swatch to Sweater (learning to design a knitted sweater, which I'm also currently taking). It's such a great non-profit organization!

I am a member but am not sponsored or anything. Just really love knitting and this group. TKGA has really helped me become a better knitter:)