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What have I been watching #7

Shows and movies I've recently seen that I highly recommend:)

1) Hereditary

Wow wow wow! This horror movie...just so amazing, and this totally deserves every great review it has gotten. Just blown away by Toni Colette's performance here. I've always been a fan of horror that relies more on atmosphere than graphic effects, and this definitely succeeded in that aspect.

2) Voice 2 (DramaFever)

I loved the first season of Voice (as stated here), so it was no surprise that I loved the second season of this crime drama. Even though Jang Hyuk was not in this new season, Lee Ha Na remained and she was great as always.  Lee Jin Wook was also a great lead. Even though the ending was a cliff hanger, I was ok with it because it means there's Voice 3....woooooo!
3) Gab Dong (Netflix) I've always been a fan of Sung Dong-il so when I saw he was a part of this show, I knew I had to watch it. It took a few episodes for me to like this crime drama, but it did become interesting as t…

When in Rome....

Well, fall is indeed here, with our temperatures now dipping lower and lower everyday. Of course, I will still complain about the weather, but there's really nothing one can do about it. The shorts and tanks go at the back of the closet, and out comes the long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, coats and pants.

Out and about (We were at Midland, Ontario to do our pilgrimage at the Martyr's Shrine.)


So, it's that weird time of the year when the mornings are cold, but then it gets hot by midday. My solution: sweatshirts with shorts, y'all!

I also love wearing this because it really boggles the mind of my middle child: "Are you hot? Are you cold? Make up  your mind!"

What's you go-to outfit for this type of transitional weather?

Some analogue love #2

Here are some recent shots taken with my Pentax K1000 film camera. I decided to mail my films and have them developed at Downtown Camera, and oh my gosh, you guys! Such a big difference with how they turned out. So so happy, and will be sending all my 35mm films to them from now on.

(All these shots were how they were sent to editing. Used Fujifilm ISO200 films.)

Just in time

The latest item I finished knitting: the Waiting For Rain shawl:) Love how this turned out, you guys:) The yarn was really lovely to work with (Kaleidoscope) and the pattern was easy to follow. Now that it's getting colder again, a knitted shawl is always handy to have:D

It's just the right length, and it sits nicely on the shoulders.

In progress:


Sweater weather

It's been kinda cold lately. Fall is really here and the sweaters are coming out again.

Currently Loving #43

These are the stuff I've been really into lately:D

1) Cheo Yong (Netflix)
Not gonna lie...this show caught my eye because of the lead. I thought the first few minutes of the show were just so-so, but I decided to keep watching and I'm so glad I did. I'm almost done with Season 1. If you're into mystery/horror, I highly recommend this show. Not really scary, but I think the plot of each episode is quite unique. Really...I just love anything with ghosts:D
P.S. Oh Ji-Ho....swoooooooooon.

2) Circle: Two Worlds Connected (DramaFever)
 I binge-watched this show, you guys!  This is a sci-fi mystery set in two time lines. So awesome how the writers of the show tied everything together, and it also has a great ensemble cast.

3) NES Classic
I know this is not a new thing, but we just got our hands on it at the Fan Expo as it's been sold out everywhere here. This was bought for the kids but guess who's been playing it the most? Bwahahaha!

4) Japan: The Cookbook
This was a…