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Snowmageddon 2019

Us over here in northeast America has been hit really hard lately with Arctic-like weather. As Canadians, we should be used to this by now...but no...not really.

So here I am, wearing my snow plowing outfit: hoodie, pants and boots. (Obviously, I wear a jacket too, but it's the same one I wear the whole winter season, so meh....)

All the shoveling made us tired and hungry...

As of yesterday.....
It truly has been relentless, guys....and it's only January!!!! Mother puss bucket!


I'm kinda late into the game but why not? :D
2009 vs 2019

2 vs 3 kids...LOL

Product Rave: When good is actually GREAT

I rarely do a stand-alone product rave post, as I tend to try a lot of skin care and makeup, and frankly, I do like a lot of them.

 There are a few, however, that surpass them all like RCMA foundations, and the Son & Park Beauty Water . Today, there is a new one on the list. The Sunday Riley Good Genes deserve its own post and is right up there now with my Holy Grail products.

I've heard a lot about Sunday Riley before, and all positive things about the line. I never tried it though because it's a bit expensive. When my older sister gave me the Scouted by Sephora kit for Christmas, I was excited to see all new-to-me products, and it had the Sunday Riley Good Genes that makeup artist Monika Blunder was raving about.

Sooooo....long story short, I fell head over heels in love with this product as soon as I put it on. Ehrmahgerd! It's seriously a facial in a bottle. My face just loves this!

 I have super sensitive skin and it does not like BHA at all. I also break out with…

Some analogue love #4

Here are some shots I took on my Pentax K1000 using the Fujifilm Black and White Acros 100 (unedited).

Not gonna lie...I messed up on the exposure in some shots especially the indoor ones. Really sucks that I can't practice shooting outside as much on winter...sigh....

Anyhoo, it was still fun, although I think after I finish the other Acros rolls, I'm gonna try the Ilford HP5 400. If you guys shoot film, what is your favourite brand when it comes to B&W?

The usual

This outfit is not anything special but I find these are the outfits I really end up liking and wearing the most because it's super comfy. TBH, the hoodie is actually way too cropped but can seriously layer anything!

Some analogue love #3

Just wanna share some of the shots I took on film taken with my Pentax K1000 (unedited). I know I've said this before, but I really have been loving shooting with film.

Again, these were developed by Downtown Camera (highly recommend the company).

Black and white shots coming soon.

Currently Loving #45

Some recent stuff (mostly movies/shows) that I've been really digging:)

1)Bird Box
I am one of those who totally loved this Netflix film. A lot of critics didn't like it stating it was predictable...blah blah blah....but I thought it was a good suspenseful movie. Two thumbs up:)

2) Brooklyn Nine Nine
Ok...ok....I know I'm late when it comes to watching this show, but I totally get the hype now. This is such a comedy gold, you guys. Love the whole cast, and was literally in stitches in some of the episodes. Almost done with Season 2. So happy NBC picked up this show after it was cancelled!

 I was also so proud of how Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh hosted the Golden Globes.:)

3) Aquaman
This, like Bird Box, was one of those films that was just entertaining from beginning to end. Not the best story line but hey, James Wan tried to pack in as much as he could in a span of 2 hours.

Not a big fan of Amber Heard, but loved the rest of the cast, especially Nicole Kidman and Patrick Wi…

The future is now.

How is 2019 going so far, guys? I still can't believe we're at 2019 already...the year the original Blade Runner takes place. Where is my flying car?

Anyhoo, I thought I'd start 2019 with this dress I got from UNIQLO. I've really been loving this style of dress lately. Not very flattering, but meh....I like it.