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Currently Loving #29

There is quite a lot of stuff I've been enjoying lately, y' goes....

1) Samsung Galaxy S7
I've always been an iPhone gal since since around 2007 when the 3G came out. I realized my cell phone co. reward dollars will expire soon, so I decided to finally upgrade my old iPhone 5 to a new phone. After doing my research, I decided to go with an android phone, namely this S7, and I love it! Here's why:
- water and dust resistant
- expandable memory (up to 200G with a MicroSD card)
- excellent camera
Below is an unedited shot I took with the phone...I love the shallow depth of field. 2) Spigen Slim Armor Case A new phone requires a new case, of course. This one by Spigen offers great protection and also has a kickstand.
3) So Ji Sub I just recently finished Master's Sun with Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, and this is another Korean show I loved. Part horror (but not too scary)/part rom-com, the story is really quite engaging with some heart-breaking moments. So Ji S…


I was looking at my closet for clothes to give away to charity when I saw this blazer I've had for awhile but never really wore much. The thing is, I don't really have a lot of clothes compared to other people, but I guess I tend to wear the same things over and over. I do like this piece though:)

Do you find hidden treasures in your closet?

On a side note:
1) Watched Independence Day Resurgence this weekend, and quite liked it. It's not a cerebral movie obviously, but I thought it was entertaining. Too bad Will Smith was not in it, but the new cast (Liam Hemsworth et al) with the old ones (Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, etc.) were still pretty good. The special effects were pretty awesome as well.
Rating: 8/10

2) RIP Bill Cunningham:'(
Anyone interested in fashion is mourning the death of this legend. I've seen the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" a few times on Netflix and have watched his slideshows on the New York Times website (with his commentari…


A minimalist outfit for an easy-breezy look:)

Inspiration: Lee Se Young

I really love Lee Se Young (이세영) in the Korean series Vampire Detective. She plays Han Gyeo Wool, a tough con artist who joins the detective team played by Lee Joon and Oh Jung Sae after being their first client. Such a cool character. She says whatever is on her mind, can hack into anything, and drinks wine for breakfast...hehe... Plus, I love everything she wears!

Such flawless skin...sigh...she's just so pretty:) S

 Who's been inspiring you lately?

PS I just recently finished My Lovely Sam Soon  (recommended by Rowena) and lurved it so hard! I also marathoned this one. There was a noraebang (karaoke) scene in one episode that will make you really love this show:)

PPS I'm trying to learn Korean so I can watch these shows without subtitles, so if you're fluent in Korean and you live in the Toronto area (or know someone who teaches it), let me know! Just doing the self-study route right now.

People IRL make fun of my obsessions [aside from my taste in fashion] but when y…

The perfect sky is torn...

Because acid wash never really went out of style, right?

Have a great day, everyone!

The latest uniform

I've been wearing this jacket a lot, daily. I find it just makes everything presentable, even when you're just wearing leggings and yoga tunics underneath:)

Remembering all the victims of the tragic Orlando massacre....

Hallyu Fever

Well, it was bound to happen. When I get obsessed over something, I get OBSESSED. (It helps to have a tolerant husband and kids....) Let us take, for example,  my recent love for Korean dramas....

As per the suggestion of Rowena (Kamsahamnida, seonsaengnim! Thank you, teacher:D), I just recently watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Ehrmahgerd, you guys! Love love love. It has 16 episodes, and I watched the last half in two days...yup... The leads Lee Seung Gi (who is an amazing singer...swoon) and Shin Min Ah are just perfect for the parts. I even like the "villain" No Min Woo, who is officially the prettiest actor I've ever seen.
Let us all bask in the cuteness of Seung Gi....

I am also currently watching Oh Hae Young Again (mentioned here). Very different from Gumiho, and it didn't really pick up for me until about episode 3, but I'm loving it as well:)

So, this love for Kdramas has evolved into other aspects of my life....ahem....

I recently read The Birth of Ko…

The A-line Kiomi

I made this dress for the hot humid days of summer. This is so airy and flowy, that I'll probably be making more of this. The best thing is that when it gets colder, you can just throw some cardigan over it and wear your're good to go!

 I think this is only the second or third time I've posted pictures here on my blog with my prescription glasses on. I've been wearing glasses for a long time...since the 90's actually.I'm near-sighted so I have to wear them when I'm driving (usually), going to the movies, etc....
Inspiration from the book Happy Monday, everyone:)

From winter to...summer?

I's been so hot lately that I feel like we had a week of spring, and then...bam! Summer! I'm not complaining:D

I hope you're all having a fab weather wherever you may be:) XOXO