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Arsenic and Old Lace

Image arsenic, but there is an old lace cardigan I knitted:D

I love mixing something really feminine with a pretty rugged item. Adds more interest to an outfit albeit a casual one IMO.

The Dark Force

Well, as a Star Wars fan, owning this sweatshirt was really inevitable.

(My hubby said I did a tiny gasp in that scene when Kylo was shirtless...I did no such thing!!!!!)

The Force is strong in this one....

This time around...

Awhile back, I sewed these shirts, which have been on constant wear since then. The pattern has a dress version, so I thought I'd finally make it with this fabric I've had for awhile.

In progress:

 Out and about:

Currently Loving #40

Just some schstuff I'm currently enjoying:D

1) Tokyo Style
I first heard of this book when I was researching KonMari and stumbled on this New Yorker article. I was really intrigued and being a bit voyeuristic, I thought it would be great to take a peek at what normal and "real" Tokyo apartments look like, so I ordered this book from Amazon Japan. The book is in Japanese (English version is not as easy to find), but the pictures really don't need any explanation.

2) Taste Of Western China
I first discovered this restaurant when my younger sister took us here during Boxing Day. Because of my husband's heritage, it's usually Cantonese Chinese food that we get to eat so the menu in this place is not something we are used, but man, my husband and I really love the dishes!

3) ColourPop Golden State of Mind palette This was a part of a Christmas gift from my older sis. Really love how pigmented the shades are but still very blendable. 

4) Boscia Luminizing Black Mas…

Crop Up

I've been meaning to buy these cropped sweaters for a long time coz they look so comfy, but only recently was able to. I was right...they are comfortable! Like wearing pyjama tops outside:D

You guys like cropped tops?

Inspiration: Arne & Carlos

If you're a knitter, you've probably heard of the Scandinavian design duo Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison. They are perhaps most well known because of their Christmas book 55 Christmas Balls To Knit. They, however, do more than knitting. They pretty much do all sorts of crafting, from crochet, sewing and embroidery, to all sorts of other stuff like gardening. Just really cool dudes...they look like really fun to hang out with, you know?

I just recently purchased their Make Your Own Ideabook, and it was truly a pleasure to see their own journals and get a glimpse of where they get their inspiration. (Spoiler: Everywhere!) Plus, they also show step-by-step instructions on how to make your own art journal.

If you're into any sorts of crafting, do check out their YouTube channel. Here are some of my fave videos of theirs:

New faves

I mentioned this sweater and boots in a recent post, and I must admit I've fallen in love with these items. I've been wearing them non-stop!

(I must admit that as a knitter, I feel guilty buying knitted clothes, but man...buying them is certainly quicker and cheaper!:D)
In my last few outfit posts, it seems like all I've been wearing are my Uniqlo leggings pants. Well, to be honest, that IS all I've been sporting lately. I have three of these in rotation, and I ended up getting two more just recently, so...yeah....

Out and about:

Any new faves?

What have I been watching #3

These are the TV shows (on Netflix)/film I've really loved the past few weeks...highly recommend all of these, you guys. Needless to say, I think the acting on all of these shows/film and the plot lines are superb.

1) Manhunt: Unabomber
I've always been a Paul Bettany fan, but man....seeing him as Ted Kaczynski really shows how great of an actor he is. #swoon

2) Mindhunter
This show got on my radar when Cheryl of Oh To Be A Muse mentioned it. I binge-watched this show and was able to finish knitting a scarf as a Christmas!
Anyhoo, Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany have done such an awesome job playing FBI agents Ford and Tench. A few of the episodes were also directed by David Fincher (who is also one of the executive producers along with Charlize Theron)....nuff said.

3) Broadchurch

This is also another show I the two seasons in two days, you guys! Thank God for lack of sleep...hahaha....
Anyhoo, this is another show where the two main leads ha…

The cold ones

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year:)

We've been having an extremely cold weather where we are, so I thought I'd just share what I've been wearing when it's -30 outside, and also some new additions to the wardrobe:D

These Hunter Balmoral boots are the only thing I purchased during Boxing Day. My younger sister has a discount code so I was able to get them at a really good price...yay!
Another addition is this new Muji wool jumper. I also finished knitting this scarf for the kids. I've had the Roots/Mary Maxim kit for awhile now but just had the time to finally finish it just in time for this extreme cold weather alert.  In progress:

How was your New Year? And are you also experiencing this crazy winter weather?