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Deja vu

Wearing another basic winter outfit. The Twilight hoodie reminds me of the time I was obsessed with the books/movie series. Oh wait! That was just yesterday! (Twilight Mom for-eh-vah!)

Anyhoo, wishing you all a fab weekend! Did you get anything from the Black Friday sales?

Some Thursday Inspiration

Just some images I've been loving:)

Have a fab Thursday, everyone:) Happy Thanksgiving to my US pals!


Oversized coats are great for winter cause they're perfect for layering:)

By the way, I wore this outfit to my little one's birthday party celebration over the weekend. She's 4 now...sniff sniff....

Time goes by soooo fast, doesn't it?

Thar she blows!

These pics were taken just before it snowed yesterday, and boy, talk about windy! Thank goodness I had my trusty skull scarf:P

Have a fab Sunday, everyone:)


Wearing my tried-and-tested leopard-print coat, which always brightens my day:D

 Happy Friday, everyone:) Rock on!


There's nothing more comfortable than fleece sweatshirts. People usually wear them around the house, but not me.....

Happy Hump Day, my friends!


Wearing cropped tops during the colder season might not be the smartest thing, but I'm wearing a thick jacket with it, so that's ok. Mwahaha!

Do you like cropped tops?


It's been really chilly over here. My leather jackets and scarves are getting a lot of use....

Have a great weekend, y'all:)

In da hood

Wearing one of my favourite cardigans:)

Do you like wearing cardigans? I think they're perfect for any season, even in the summer when it can get cold at night.

Thank you!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank June for the Sunshine Award, and Kiwi for the 12 Random Facts tag. Muchas gracias, ladies:D

Anyhoo, I thought I'd do a combination of both, and do some Q&As and random tidbits about myself. It's not too long...don't worry:P

Hobbies? reading, playing the ukulele, watching Netflix, knitting
Fave singer/band? listening to Neutral Milk Hotel a lot right now
Go out or stay in on weekends? Stay in
Pets? Two goldfishes and a turtle
Reply to comments you get? Always
If you could change how you do/did your blog, would you? Yes on the layout. Would really like something simple and clean.
Random Stuff: 1)When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a nun at one point. It didn't last too long....
2)I really like Alex Pettyfer...hehehe

3)I believe in feng shui. We actually had a feng shui master come to our house to advise us on our layout.
4)My lucky colours are red and yellow.
5) My fave all-time fashion blogger is probably Fashion Toa…

Tribute #2

Another variation of  my Catching Fire-inspired outfit (see previous post:) What can I say? I'm obsessed!

(PS I guess this can work as a District 8 outfit as well, because its industry is textile manufacturing:D)

Have a great Sunday, everyone:)


Are you as excited as I am that Catching Fire is coming out on November 22? I must admit that aside from being a huge fan of the Hunger Games book series, I'm really excited for the movie to come out because Trish Summerville (Girl With Dragon Tattoo) is the costume designer. I'm kinda obsessed with her styling.

Here is my own outfit inspired by the up-coming movie. I have to admit this get-up is one of my personal faves.


Here is a closer look at the cowl (made by Maria Dora)Katniss wears in the movie. If you guys know where I can get the knitting pattern for something like this, let me know and I'll owe you forever... May the odds be ever in your favour.