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"Practice...not magic."

I was never one of those artistic people who have been drawing or painting their whole lives. It wasn't until 2001 when I went with a friend to a legit art store that I thought I'd give it a a try. My friend knew I really love art and said just to go for it.

So, I bought a set of pencils, a beginner learn-to-draw book and a sketchbook, and off I went.

I thought I'd share some old and new stuff I've done here (some on my sketchbooks and some on canvas), not because they're amazing or anything like that. Unfortunately, I never have hours and  hours on end to practice, and have more bad days than good.

It is something I enjoy, however, and I say to everyone (especially those who think they're not artistically inclined) that we all don't have to be artists making masterpieces. There will always be people who will hate and criticize what you do, but sometimes, there are also people who will like it and tell you to go on.

The blog post title is something Zoe Hon…

They grow up so fast!

My eldest just celebrated his birthday a few days ago. Gosh! When did this little person turn into a teenager?!?!?!

What have I been watching #9

Some stuff I've seen/currently watching that I highly recommend:)

1) Kingdom

I've always loved zombie movies/shows, so when I first heard of this Netflix production, I was super excited. Well....I wasn't disappointed. 
Loved how the story built up, and how the show also dealt with social injustices. The cast was also fab! Ji-Hoon Ju was great as the Crown Prince and so was Doona Bae as a physician intent on finding the cure for the "disease". 
Fave: Episode 4. Booyahhhh!
Only complaint: I wish it was longer and that Doona had more scenes. Now, I have to wait for Season 2....huhuhu
2) Velvet Buzzsaw
I also liked this Netflix thriller/horror. Some of the scenes are a bit cliched, but this is another movie where the great cast really helped pull it all together. Seriously...anything with Toni Colette, John Malkovich and Rene can you go wrong?

And now...for some YouTube channels.

3) Zoe Hong
I've been her subscriber for awhile so I'm surprised I…

Comfort zone

Happy Friday, everyone:) For today, I thought I'd share this pic, which is basically me at home in my spare makeup, knitting, with the TV or laptop playing something in the background. So chic, eh?

(This corner of the couch is literally mine...mwahaha.)

My life is so glamorous, y'all!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

We have another winter storm coming today...I can't even. Needless to say, all my winter boots are getting a lot of love lately, or should I say abuse:P

Ugg Australia boots are seriously the best, you guys. I have a few pairs of them for years now, and I've still yet to replace them even with constant wear.

Obsession #46

Latest things I've been wanting lately:)

1)Filson Medium Field Bag
This is supposed to be really durable, and one of those forever-bags. It looks really great for travel and day-to-day abuse. I've tried this in store, and the quality of the rugged twill does feel good.
2) Schmincke Painting Sets Mussini Oil Paint Set Horadam Aquarelle Watercolor Set
I've never tried this brand before although it's been around forever and used by professional artists. Franky, I just don't think what I do merits this kind of quality paints but this is my wish list so yeah....

I should point out that the watercolor I'm using is quite good and I shouldn't really complain.

3) Isabel Marant Lamsy boots
One cannot have enough boots, right? And really love how this looks...sigh....

4) Hourglass Vanish foundation
This new foundation from Hourglass sounds pretty amazeballz. The Sephora reviews are not that good though, but I saw Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's vid on it, and I'm …

Kung Hei Fat Choi 2019

Wishing all of you a wonderful Chinese New Year:)

Some of the dishes from the CNY dinner last night....

Please note:
Because of the Google changes (ie taking out Google +), I can't comment on blogs hosted by Blogger/Blogspot that have the comment setting on only allowing those with Google accounts:(

What have I been watching #8: YouTube edition

I go through phases where all I watch are YouTube videos, like now:D I was inspired by AllieNYC's post so I thought I'd post some of my fave channels.

(Warning: They are all from different categories.)

1) Jane Davenport
I did a review of her book awhile back, and recently acquired her latest one Fabulous Figures. I also have two of her online workshops, and have been binge-watching her channel. I just love her whimsical style of drawing. I am saving up for more of her intensive online workshops.

2) Proko
If you're into drawing, you probably know his channel already. He has great tutorials, and I just love his style of teaching.

3) Monika Blunder
She's one of the makeup artists I've admired for awhile, but it was only in the past few months that I've been watching her channel. She makes really great tutorials, and she featured one of my all-time fave artists, Matthew VanLeeuwen

4) Sali Hughes
Her In The Bathroom series is just awesome, and I love how she feature…