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A Couch Potato's Favourite Movies

With the holidays around the corner and Thanksgiving just being over in the States, I thought I'd share my top five movies that I watch over and over again when I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing but just relax. I've seen each of these movies several times over and joke! (I could probably put hundreds on this list...maybe, next time:D)

(all images from
5) Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream movies
This is a cheat, I know, as there are several movies in both series, but I just love Wes Craven, so I honestly think you can't go wrong with any of his films. (RIP to one of my fave directors.)

4) Alien films
Because I love Ripley.

3) The Mummy I just think this is such a fun adventure movie, like the Indiana Jones films.

2) Prometheus Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender...nuff said.

and first place goes to...

1) Inception Christopher Nolan is just, seriously. And the cast is pretty much perfect:D

What are your fave movies to watch …

And then, they got older.

It's my youngest's birthday today, you guys:)

This was what we wore for her birthday dinner last night.
On me: Talula top, skirt I sewed, Blondo boots
On her: Dress I sewed using the Geranium pattern from Made by Rae

Where has the time gone?!? Sniff sniff....happy birthday, my little one.

Creature Comfort

Coz dressing up is hard to do....

Happy Monday, guys! How was your weekend?

The Saltmarsh Skirt

Here is another project from the Merchant and Mills Workbook (first one here). I may be slightly obsessed....

Called the Saltmarsh, this drawstring skirt pattern was just fun to sew, and I love the maxi length. It is just such a great versatile piece to add in any wardrobe.

The best part about this has pockets, you guys! Pockets! :D
(Sorry for the weird lighting. These were taken in the afternoon before it started to rain.)

Do you have any addition to your wardrobe lately that you are really loving?

Not really

Most of the time, I put pictures like this....
And you think, "Isn't it November in Canada? They must be having nice weather over there." Guys, this picture is a lie! Being from a country with bitter winters, I just get sick & tired of seeing myself in jackets all the time . Hence, for the blog, I do this.

This is really what I'm usually wearing as soon as the weather gets cooler:

As bloggers, we have control over what we put out. I choose to blog mostly about superficial things in life and the happy moments, but obviously, life is not always honky-dory. It is not always great weather, happy get-togethers, hauls, favourite clothing items... but for now, I choose to have this blog as my happy corner in the universe:)

We are all French.

This is the state of the world we live in...where there is so much hate and division that killing innocent people is seen as a way to bring attention to a cause.

  I am praying for France and for the victims and their families of the Paris tragedy. I am praying for all the victims of terror attacks around the world.

 I am praying for peace and unity.

Currently Loving #26

What I've been loving lately....

1) I'm late into the Zumba craze, y'all! Just discovered this when my SIL gave me this DVD set, and I'm obsessed. I also now have a girl crush on Tanya Beardsley (who hasn't really taught Zumba for awhile, but she's awesome in the vids!).

 2) Scream series on Netflix
I'm a huge fan of the movies, and I think this series lives up to the movies's spirit.

3) Milani lipsticks and gloss
Have been using these a lot lately. Love the colours and consistency:)

4) I saw this Vladimir Spencer sweater in the Nov 2015 issue of Nylon, and now I want to knit something like this.
5) This A-line dress is from the Alabama Chanin Sewing Patterns book. All the patterns are hand-sewn and looks quite challenging, but my goal is to make it...eventually....:D

Your turn...what have you been loving lately?

The Bantam Dress

This is what I sewed from the Merchant and Mills Workbook, which I had to order from Amazon UK coz it's not available here in North America until next year. (Why is that? Sigh....) So happy I did, because I love all the patterns from this book, you guys:)

The Bantam Vest is the first pattern, and I decided to make the dress version.

How I wore it: I love the racer back, and the fact that the back hem is longer.

To say that sewing has taken over my hobby life is an understatement.... Anyhoo, hope you're all having a lovely day so far:) XOXO


This is the first time I've ever sewed with a stretch knit fabric. about learning curve!

Most sewists probably would think this is a big fail. I ended up stretching the neckline a lot (like, A LOT) because I had to rip and re-sew it so many times to make everything fit, not because of the pattern but just because I'm an idiot. (I highly recommend this pattern:)

You know what, though? I love how this turned out and will probably wear it to death. The fabric feels so nice and comfortable, yo!

Have you had projects/ideas that you didn't think would work out but ended up loving the result anyway?

Halloween 2015

How was your Halloween?

Here are some pics taken yesterday:) For those of you who are new to my blog, Halloween is a pretty big deal for us:D

Our costumes:

Did you go trick-or-treating, or had a party? Do tell:)