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"Thursday doesn't even start..."

"....It's Friday, I'm in love." - The Cure (This song is stuck in my head!)

Happy Thursday, everyone:)

It's been raining the past few days here, but it's supposed to be hot today. What is the weather like where you are?

New in...Topshop deals

I got these items on sale at Topshop.....wheeeeeeee!

Any new scores lately, guys and gals?

Doors Open feat. the Mackenzie House

The annual Doors Open Toronto is happening this weekend. This is a great opportunity to see many of Toronto's historic buildings for free. Yesterday, we had the chance to go see the Mackenzie House- home of Toronto's first Mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie.

Below are the pics taken of this lovely Victorian-era abode. Thank you to the wonderful staff for a very educational and informative experience.

Living and Dining Room


The printing press room was quite interesting, and they actually let you do your own print!

The kitchen:

I highly recommend visiting the Mackenzie House, if you're coming to the city (or a long-time resident). What a great way to learn more about Canadian history.

(By the way, the house is rumoured to be haunted. On October 26th, it's part of the Spirit Walk, where people who signed up will be taken to the city's supposed haunted buildings. Awesome, right?)

The Red Shoes

This post has nothing to do with the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, but I just like it because, well, I'm wearing red shoes here. Quite original, eh? Bwahaha!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend, and to my American readers, Advanced Happy Memorial Day:)

With or without

Spring is a confusing season for me, because days would start off kinda cool or rainy, then turn warm during the afternoon. Hence, the jacket comes on and off...sometimes, a few times a day....

Does spring confuse you, too?

Giant Panda Experience at the Zoo(Picture-Heavy)

The Giant Panda exhibit opened in the Toronto Zoo this past weekend, and we were able to go on Sunday. China loaned Da Mao and Ershun (the two pandas) for 10 years to Canada, and the Toronto Zoo will have them until 2018, and then sent off to Calgary.

Below are the pics taken yesterday. It was crazy busy, but because we are zoo members, we were able to see the exhibit before the public opening at 9am. If you're going soon and planning to come in the weekend, do come early to beat the crowd.

And, of course, let's not forget all the other cute animals that inhabit the zoo....

How was your weekend, guys and gals? It's Victoria Day today here in Canada, so it's a holiday...yay!

Soooo ready...

...for summer, that is. These new sandals will get a lot of wear then:)
 Here are some images I just thought I'd share to make us all think about the warm, sunny days:D

Summer....please come soon!