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Wrinkle in time

I am the worst fashion blogger. I really should pay attention to the little details. My older sis once said that I should really iron my clothes before I post it here...I say NEVER! Bwahaha!

Out and about

What have I been watching #6: Korean edition

These are all the movies I've watched recently that I've really loved...all Korean movies, guys. Most of these are not "easy" watching, as I'm a fan of the horror and revenge genre, but guys, I would still highly recommend these.

One thing I love about Korean movies is that a happy ending is not always guaranteed so there's always that element of surprise at the end coz you don't really know what to expect. Korean revenge movies are also THE.BEST.EVER. Park Chan Wook's Vengeance Trilogy...nuff said....

(These are not new releases so you can watch them on Amazon Prime, DramaFever or Netflix.).

all images from and movie synopsis from Amazon Prime/Netflix

1) Memories of Murder
In a small Korean province in 1986, three detectives struggle with the case of multiple young women being found raped and murdered by an unknown culprit.
 Song Kang Ho is such an amazing actor  I honestly don't think you can go wrong with any of his movies. 

2) The Piper


Never enough

This dress I just bought is my new fave. I've always liked linen for summer, and nothing beats a loose dress. In fact, I've sewn a few of them. This dress was hard to pass up though because it was on sale so got it for a super cheap price, and also...POCKETS! Yay! I wish it came in different colours, but alas....

Out and about

Do you have a favourite summer piece?

Downtown...everything's waiting for you.

We decided to play tourist in our own city and just go around the downtown core, starting at Eaton Centre, then to Chinatown, then back to Yonge-Dundas Square (where we were lucky enough to catch the 5th Edition Thailand Destination event).

Just wanna share some of the pics I took:)

Because I've been blogging for so long and have been taking pics of the family for a long time, it's easy to take candids of everyone coz they're so used to it. Now that I'm learning more about photography, I find this attitude helps me a lot.  It doesn't mean they like it though... more like tolerate:D

The summer sweater

I knitted this garment because, can wear knitted clothes in the summer. You just have to pick a lighter yarn, a not-so-tight fit, and voila!

Out and about

When it's finally ok

I made this shortall in winter last year. Since we're now in the middle of summer and with the weather being hot, it's finally appropriate to wear it...yay for small victories:D

I really do love this outfit for summer, but man, going to the washroom/bathroom is such a pain!

Summer tomfoolery (Picture-heavy)

Just wanna share some shenanigans we've been up to, including our trip back to the Royal Ontario Museum this weekend. Always a hit with the kids:) (previous ROM posts here and here)