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It's all about the lips.

Out of all the makeup items out there, two things that I think can make or break a look are foundation and lipsticks. I've discussed my fave foundations a looooong time ago in this post (when I was freelancing as a makeup artist), so I thought I'd do my fave lipstick shades to date:

1) Milani Teddy Bare
My perfect nude shade. I first read about this in Elle Sees' blog, and it's always sold out when I go to our local Loblaws Superstore (which is the only place here I can find them). Finally had the chance to try it, and I love it!

2) MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo
This is a classic for a reason. I honestly think this red looks great on everyone, and the one I always turn to if I want that pop.

3) Kylie Cosmetics True Brown Kit Guys, let me tell you how Kim just made my day! I was reading her post  (as I always do) and what did I see? She was doing a random Sweet Surprise for her readers, and the recipient of her surprise was me! I've always considered Kim as one of my best …

The one with the bolero

How was your Easter, guys? We had great weather over here, so yay for that!

Here's the outfit I wore for our Easter celebration...more me-made items:)

The vest is knitted using a pattern from Sylvia Olsen's book Knitting Stories, and the dress is made from the Merchant and Mills pattern used here. I feel like I should just make this dress in different colours, coz I wear the original one a lot!

Much love from my family to yours:)

For the love of Vans

Although I've never been a part of the skateboarding culture growing up, Vans has always appealed to me. It was only in the later years, however, that I've really been fond of them...maybe, because having kids meant I'm surrounded by the youth culture (more so now than in my youth where I was such a serious student aka nerd).

Anyhoo, I thought I'd show my collection to celebrate Vans' 50th anniversary...small but all dear to me:)

This is not a sponsored post (as I've never done a sponsored post). I just really love Vans.

 These are my youngest's. I like how tattered it looks.

Are you a fan?

March Break 2016

Man....these school breaks always seem to go super fast! Anyhoo, the weather was kinda sucky most of the days, so we didn't get to spend as much time outside. We did visit our usual haunts, which will be familiar to those of you who've been reading my posts for awhile.

Here are some pics I took. Enjoy:D

At the zoo...

 These two baby pandas were recent additions to the zoo. They're just too cute!

And of course, Great Wolf Lodge at Niagara Falls....

Latest Me-Made

The latest dress I of my faves to date:)

The dress in progress:

The dress in action: Are you a fan of orange? I'm really loving this colour lately!

All black

Now that spring is here, of course that's when I decided to wear dark colours...bwahaha!

Anyhoo, this skirt is such weird length and would really work more with heels, but comfort always wins.

(It's still chilly here so jackets are still required. I just didn't wear it for the photos:D)

PS. It's the start of March Break for the kiddos starting today...woot!

Out and about

As much as I'm loving wearing dresses lately, I tend to go back to my uniform of shirts and jeans on a day-to-day basis, especially when busy running around doing errands, going to get the drift....

The key for me in dressing like this is to at least fix my hair, and yeah....I never really leave the house without any sort of makeup or I'd seriously scare people.


This is latest item I've knitted using leftover sock yarns I've had for awhile. The great thing about this is that because it has so many colours, it can match anything! Mwahaha!

The pattern is the Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West. I've used this before, which you can see here.