Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Is it possible?

My dream is to have a wardrobe solely made of items I made. I don't think it's honestly possible because I do love wearing shirts, sweatshirts and jeans, but I figured for dresses and such, it should be doable, no?
kinda old jumpsuit I made using Tilly and The Buttons Marigold pattern worn with Vans slip on

wearing my Gap jean jacket

I also made the dress my daughter is wearing. I can't remember if I featured this before, but I made it using the Jalie Bella dress pattern. Highly recommend this pattern company if you sew.

These shots were taken on my middle child's 12th birthday:) Gosh...12, you guys! 12!!!

My younger sis made his cake:)


  1. I love that jumpsuit AND the colour on you!

  2. nice outfit

    won't be too long until he's at that moody teenager age. Enjoy it now

  3. Oh for sure! I think you can have jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, flowy tops -- all made by you. I really love this jumpsuit, especially the color.


  4. You wait until they get to 19 and 23, and then you will feel old!!!

    So you can't be that into "labels" then if you'd happily wear all your own clothes? Last week I went into Selfridges in London and some of the unisex clothes there were amazing but so expensive. Like jackets that cost thousands of pounds! Who has that kind of money!

  5. Haha and I just noticed your daughter photo bombing your first shot!

    1. She wants to be in every shot! Huhuhu

  6. Love the jumpsuit you made, and the cake your sis made looks awesome!

  7. Aww Happy Birthday to your middle son! How time flies huh ;) It’s super cool how your wardrobe is a mix of your own handmade pieces along with pre fab ones that you love Emmy! Your daughter clearly adores her dress :)

  8. Wow your girl has grown so much!

    My new blog...

  9. So stunning looks!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  10. The jumpsuit looks great and I love that dress your daughter is wearing. It's definitely possible Emmy, I remember when I was doing fashion design, 70% of my wardrobe was handmade so I know you can do it. Your pieces are always amazing <3

  11. Happy Birthday to your son! Absolutely, I think that is such a cool idea to have an entire wardrobe of things you have made! And I'm loving your jumpsuit and your daughter's dress...very beautiful!


  12. Happy b-day to him! I love the jumpsuit! Stylish and comfortable-looking I've had that dream before even though I can't sew, so I have a longer way to go there, haha ;) Guess I'll just keep shopping thrifts and sales.

  13. Emmy, your sewing skills are absolutely amazing! Love your outfit and girl orange is your color. Love your daughters dress! She loves it as well. Happy Birthday to your son! That cake is gorgeous! TALENT runs in your family!

  14. That would be awesome to do for your wardrobe. And happy belated to your middle child! :)

  15. Who knows, one day you might be making your own jeans :)


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