Antithesis of fashion

I love my uggs....almost too much...

If I can wear them for any occasion, I would. Not only are they super comfy, they are also the only shoes that do not make me stall the car when I drive (I drive a manual.). I don't know why. And I hate wearing socks, even in winter, so these are perfect for me.

Nowadays, no one admits to liking them anymore, as they are sooooo 2004, but I don't care.

This is my small collection (including the Adirondacks, which I also love because Bella from Twilight wears them. I am truly an original...)

I've been wearing uggs for a looooong time. As you can see, they're all dirty and beaten up, and one even has holes.  I did not buy them all together, or even in a short span of time...


  1. I'll admit I still like Uggs even though I hated them at first. They're just so comfortable. I only wear them casually and would never wear them with short skirts!


  2. I have to admit I've worn mine with a short skirt (head down in shame)...


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