My first post....what's in my bag?

I think there's nothing that describes a woman better than what she keeps in her bag to tide her through the daily hassles of life.

With that being said, here are some pics of what I keep in mine. I thought this might make a nice intro. (Psssst...I have a confession to make. I like watching the "what's in my bag?" vids on YouTube.)

The bag is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (gifted by my husband for Christmas 2010). I have used this bag pretty much everyday since I got it.

So, what's in there?
plastic utensils and straws
iPhone 3G (Yes...3G. Not even 3GS)
Coach wallet
water bottle and Benadryl for Children
clear plastic case with miscellaneous stuff
2 makeup kits (Stephanie Johnson and LeSportsac)
black leather card holder
planner with a rosary on top
dental floss, pen and hand sanitizer

That is all.


I love LV! That is a bad tote!!!!
Emmylou said…
Hehehe....thanx, Kim:) First comment on my first post! Mwah.

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