My Little Paris

What an adorable little book from the creators of an adorable website...

My Little Paris is a site that gives Parisians information on what's happening around the city...everything from places to eat and shop, to hotel and bar recommendations. What's awesome about this site is that it gives you information on these little gems that you might not have heard of before, such as where to go to get your Louboutins fixed, or that a Dead Poet's Society still exists in the city.

The book is a compilation of these great info. It is written with a cute sense of humour (Hah! Sense of humour can be cute too, you know.) The illustrations by Kanako are fantastic.
pp. 28-29
Just perusing this book, along with Ines De La Fressange's Parisian Chic, makes me want to go back there...le sigh...

I have the English version which just came out. I bought mine from, but I believe you can pre-order also on