Monday, August 15, 2011

I am here to help...

Who doesn't want the Isabel Marant Dicker boots (see my blog here)? The whole blogoshpere has been abuzz with the love for these shoes. They look great and comfortable. They look like they go with everything. Unfortunately, they are as hard to find as a high IQ score on the show Jersey Shore. Thus, I have compiled a number of boots that are, I think,  decent substitutes. Not only that...these are still available and you can buy them online.

Aldo Qualheim boots (image from

ASOS Aggie suede boots (image from

DV by Dolce Vita Jamison suede boots (image from

APC cowboy boots (image from
Do you know of other booties I can include on this list?

Edit: Rebecca Minkoff has some, too, that look great and cheaper than the APC one!
Nubuck doll boot (image from

Leather doll boot- nude (image from

Added Aug27th/2011
N.D.C. Barrage Ankle boots (image from

Oasis Fran Ankle bootie (image from
Mango leather ankle bootie (image from
Ash Nina Pull On Suede boots (image from
Ash Jess Bis Ankle boots (image from


  1. Madden too, I'm sure... although not feeling the boot, not sure why (I'll probably get heck for this, o well LOL)

  2. Oh, I know...but they're sold out everywhere of that one, too. There's a Jeffrey Campbell one called Mendoza(!) and that thing is all gone as well.

  3. Of course, the Jeffrey Campbell one's gotta be sold out too! Why wouldn't it be when it's got such a catchy name! hahahahahaha

    Dare I ask which one you're planning to get? Or ended up getting?

  4. Imma gonna wait for the Aldo ones to go on sale...bwahaha!

  5. Hey, I just added some Rebecca Minkoff ones I found!

  6. Ahh I love them I need them at once. I've been looking for these shoes I definitely need to get them!


  7. Me too! Thanks for commenting, Ellie:)

  8. Hi. I love your blog. I am eyeing the Louie Booties by Sam Edelman! He has tons of colors and the fringe detail is really fun!


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