First day of school

What is that I hear?...Nothing but silence.

Don't tell the boys, but I miss them already....and I kinda miss the sun too:( It's like the sun thought, "What? Summer is done? Well, then...hasta la bye bye!"

jacket from H&M, top from Urban Outfitters, leggings from Urban Planet, booties from Forever 21

off to school

"I have the legos all to myself...bwahaha!"


  1. Aaaaw, adorable!... Love the moto jacket!:)

  2. TY...that jacket iz oooold!:)

  3. oh wow!! such a blessed family.. you look so happy...
    they are the cutest

    been going through your blog for ages now.. lol.... lavss it!!!

  4. Thank you sooo much for the lovely comment:) You're a sweetie.

  5. I like your jacket!

    Your children are SOOO beautiful!! Awww! I have a son, and I can't imagine having two more to take care of! You must be busy!

  6. Thanks, Amber:) It does get quite busy, but it's all in the scheduling...and as you can see, that's why I don't have a lot of prose in my posts:P

  7. Awnnnn your babies are so stylish! Your jacket is amazing! Your familiar blog is so inspiring! My maternal clock is saying to me: baby, baby, baby! hahahahah


    ps.: do you want some brazilian warm weather?

  8. Cris, you are too funny:) And I do want your Brazilian weather!


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