How to travel in style

The Toronto Film Festival is happening in the city right now. Every year, stars descend on the city to promote their latest  films and it truly is kinda exciting, even just to watch on TV.  Of course, they are only here for a limited time, and most of that is probably spent wrestling with the customs officers. Kidding...I lurv them customs officers...Anyhoo, watching them arrive and depart on TV has inspired me to do  this travel-inspired post.

Admittedly, being a mom of three young kids, I have not travelled on air recently. I am not brave enough.

My only criteria, I guess, would be comfort... unless you have paparazzi following you all the time. Then, you really do have to wear those 5-inch heels and tight-fitting dresses a la Victoria Beckham. On that note, here are some images of what I find inspiring when it comes to traveling in style...for us ordinary folks...

Joanna Lumley in Nile (image from Don't you just love her?! This show is super fab!

(image from

image from the book Who What Wear by H. Kerr and K.Power)

(image from June 2011 People Style Watch magazine)
The fondest memory I have of traveling was going to Europe in 1999 with my two sisters.  Here are some pics from that trip. Please don't laugh.
in Paris

in Versailles

in Gare du Nord

in Amsterdam