Obsession #6

I love how this would look with Obsession #5!

Presenting...the leather leggings...
Danier leather leggings (image from danier.com)

Gap cropped leather moto pants (image from gapcanada.ca)
In reality, these are more practical and affordable for me.
Sparkle and Fade faux leather pants (image from urbanoutfitters.com)

Gap faux leather leggings (image from gapcanada.ca)
What do you guys think?


  1. I love them paired with the white t-shirt but I would have to see the faux leather ones irl to better judge because I've seen some people walking around looking like they put garbage bags on their legs--that is obviously not a hot look.

    Please update if you try on a pair!


  2. Heehee...true enough. Will update for sure:)

  3. omg, was just thinking about this a few weeks ago!! hmmm... I get the feeling the new imposition I placed upon myself might just be lifted sooner than I thought:o Ach!

  4. I love leather leggings- they're chic, comfortable, and surprisingly versatile!


  5. Thank you for all the comments:)


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