Monday, November 28, 2011

New in...faux shearling

This was a purchase on Black Friday. It was on sale for a really good price, and of course, I couldn't pass it up. This is my last jacket purchase for awhile. As you will see in the pictures, it's not even that cold right now where I am. I mean, it's almost December, and our grass is still green!
Razzle Dazzle jacket from M for Mendocino

wearing the jacket with Hello Kitty shirt, American Eagle jeans and no-name wellies from Canadian Tire

action shot...heehee...

What did you guys buy on Black Friday? Or are you planning to buy anything today for Cyber Monday?


  1. amazing!!! love how you combine it!! so lovely!!


  2. I like that jacket! I randomly found your blog - are you from Toronto too? some of the places in your pics look familiar lol

  3. Hey Tiffany:) Yes...I'm in the GTA! Great to see another Torontonian.

  4. hi thanks for the comment you left on my blog :) i love your shearling jacket.Ive been eyeing something like that for quite awhile now..its very cute and i love how the zipper is placed a little bit on the side..good find!


  5. That is an amazing jacket! I love it. <3<3

  6. Gorgeous pieces and glam style!

  7. Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to comment:)

  8. great price! the jacket looks great on you very trendy xx


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