They say chain stores like Zara and H&M offer clothes that may be affordable to the masses but in terms of quality may not be the best. I do, however, have this parka from H&M that I've had for ages and still is one of my most-worn pieces. I love it, and have worn it sooooo many times, but it still looks like what it did when I bought it.
H&M coat, Zara dress, Urban Planet leggings, Old Navy booties
It looked like I was wearing a playsuit here. It was windy where I was that the dress kept clinging to my legs:P

My kids just wanted to say hi:)


  1. You look gorgeous...and the mona lisa photos are too funny!


  2. I agree, not all things at stores like H&M are that disposable. Love the jacket!:)
    Cute Mona Lisa smiles heehee

  3. so so cute :):) thanks for your comment!! following you back! hope you can follow me through blogloving as well!!


  4. Cute parka! your kids are adorable:-)

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment, ladies:)

  6. Cute parka, love the pictures.

  7. I still have my H&M cardigan that purchased it 4 years ago, but it in good condition still. The color hasn't faded yet.
    Yes, I really thought you were wearing a jumpsuit until I read that it was a dress from Zara.

    Your kids are so funny! Love that Mona LIza pic. LOL!

  8. OMG! I kept trying to adjust that dress to no avail:P
    Thanks for all the comments, guys:)

  9. Love the outfit and thanks for the sweet comment :)


  10. lovely photos!!! love your outfit.. love the monalisa photo of the little baby... kissess!!!

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