New look- Part 1

I have been wanting to have Cassie's haircut for the longest time (see blog here). Well, I'm still too chicken to have it done, but I decided it is time to do something about my hair. I decided on a less dramatic look, and this is the first part.

I know you're jealous of all the toilet paper at the back...
Couldn't help but laugh here coz I think hubby was making fun of my impromptu photo shoot!
I am married to the best guy, I tellz ya... only he would say yes when his wife says "Please shave my head". All he said was, "how much?".

I say Part 1 because this was only a trial to see if I would like it. Now that I do, I told hubby to shave my hair closer to the crown and basically do a thick mohawk next time, hopefully before Christmas. The thing that I love about this style is how much lighter it feels. I can also still pull a pretty conservative look but putting my hair down over the shaved parts.

Will keep you guys posted:)


  1. Great post i love it!

  2. OMG!!!!! Good on ya!!!
    Liking it so far:p

  3. It's been so long I haven't visited your blog.
    I just got my laptop back from the repairs.

    You are rockstar! You rock with that new hair style!

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  4. Wow! It has a lot of possibilities. I am so looking forward to see it finished. <3<3

  5. Ooh that is such a daring, awesome look! I love it!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  6. You are so daring! Love it! Thanks for stopping by!


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