Hanging out with the boys

I spend most of my waking hours with my daughter, so I thought I'd have a day just with the boys...yes...that included the hubby. My hubby's family was kind enough to take the little one for a few hours:)
H&M jacket and pants, O'Neill hoodie, top from Aritzia, DV by Dolce Vita boots

I'm kinda weird with shoes, coz I love when they look so worn in.

waiting for the movie to start

Happy Wednesday, everyone!:)


Shoe Belle said…
Love it! They're all such hams, I tell ya! And you guys are matching too! Almost... hehe
Unknown said…
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elite barcelona said…
hahaha ! All the family in red !
rooth said…
HAHA, the last few pictures with your husband are hilarious. It's like - PLEASE, stop the madness!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
i see that your hubby is reluctant to be in your blog photos, lol. love how you and your boys are color coordinated!
Aww, your boys look so fun! xx
Elle Sees said…
You are all so wonderfully coordinated, outfit wise. Love it, even if unintentional
MrsBitchface said…
i really love all that red in you four!! soo cool family!!! you must try the smoothie!!!

Emmylou said…
LOLZ...if I can only dress everyone everyday (including hubby), that would be perfect!
@ Rooth, he always says no matter what:P

Thanks, everyone:)
What a happy family!
The whole family looked so cute in red!
lucia m said…
your kids are adorable!!

I love this funny pics!!! Nice family!

xoxo from BCN
La Vie Quotidienne
Unknown said…
lovely photos, you all look great.. you guys are a really cool family!