Misty watercolor memories (and they are misty for a reason!)

As a blogger, I thought it's only my duty to entertain you, and show you something to make you laugh, cry...or just cringe.

On that note, today, I thought I'd post the evolution of my style (or lack thereof if you ask some people.:P). These were the stuff that I thought were da bomb. You might say, "Really? You didn't have a mirror?" As Julia Child once said, however, "No matter what happens in the kitchen, never apologize." And so, I say, "No matter what you wear, never regret anything."

The high school years (a.k.a. the scary years)...
My Grade 9 school pic. I wore that bandanna on my head the whole year. Someone called me "Aunt Jemima"  (the pancake mix icon).
Baggy shirt and pants, and huaraches...no need to explain...

I wore these pants so much the hook and zipper broke. Of course, I still wore them (by pinning it) and they fell down to my ankle without knowing it when I was going home from school one day. No joke!

 Don't you want this jacket for yourself? Teehee...
 After university...
Highlights and thick makeup were the highlights of my day:P
 And then...
I was going for an Asian cowgirl look. Someone said I looked like some Japanese soccer player.

pink on pink on pink...
Please don't cry from laughing too hard.

Happy Sunday, y'all! :) How's the weekend so far?


  1. Those pix are gold, I tell ya! LOL

  2. hahaha I should try to do it... NOT! I could scare all the pleople with my hair in the past!!!! hahahahah

    Loved your short hair!!!!

    Kisses to you and your family!

  3. I enjoyed your photos from those were the days :-) Hehehe I can see a big change after your university days... you're ladylike :-) I like the highlight on you :-)


  4. awww you were always so cute!!! love your smile!


  5. My weekend has been really good, thanks! ... and don't you love revisiting old photos? I used to have short, chopped, curly blonde hair when I was younger. My husband doesn't even recognize me in my kid pictures, lol.

  6. lovely photos :D



  7. Fashion changes and so we do, I am scared of looking at mines Lol! <3<3

  8. this was awesome! i might have to steal this idea for my own blog.

    your high school pics don't even look like you. loving the Asian cowgirl look! :)

    you rock my socks.

  9. OMG, these are amazing I absolutely salute you for being able to put younger photos of yourself..I dont think I can do it! lovely photos!

  10. You Are so brave to post pics from the past! I want to burn all of mine. Kudos, to you!

  11. I wanna burn my pics! There's no way I'd post mine

  12. Beautiful blog!
    Please check out my blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  13. LOLZ...thanks, guys. If you've seen my driver's license photo, then you'd know why I don't mind sharing these ones:P

  14. Emmy,

    I lovvvvvvvve these pictures I sooooooooo want to do this too. But I dk I might do this then again...

    I love you with short hair and blonde.

  15. LMAO at your japanese footballer comment!!

  16. OMG @ the pants falling story! What did you do when you realized?

  17. Gosh...I have to admit that at that age, I thought it was the end of the world. It happened when I was walking to the bus stop with some classmates. Thank God it was winter, so I had long johns on!


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